Prescription Opioids

How The Opioid Epidemic Impacts Foster Care In Ohio

13 hours ago
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Opioid addiction continues to deplete Ohio’s communities and is driving up the number of children entering foster care. It’s been a year since the Ohio Attorney General’s office granted money for 30 Days to Family Ohio to address the issue.

30 Days to Family Ohio was created to move children from foster care to family care in the shortest time possible. In its second year, the program is looking for more funding and county involvement.

Today on All Sides, we check in on the initiative and scope of foster care in Ohio.

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Ohio was recently named first in the nation for opioid-related deaths. Today we will discuss the responsible method for prescribing opioids and balancing patient need during this drug epidemic.  Plus we'll dive into the health effects of a marriage and how to navigate caring for a cancer patient.