About 5 a.m. on Saturday, a police department in Ohio got an unusual call. A man reported that he was being followed home by a pig.

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The part time Franklin Township officer who resigned after a video surfaced of him kicking a suspect has been reassigned at his full-time job, though questions remain about his history.

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A Franklin Township Police officer under investigation for kicking a handcuffed suspect in the head has resigned.

Officer Damber Subba’s first shift Monday afternoon was patrolling familiar territory: Akron’s North Hill neighborhood. Here's more on the first-ever refugee sworn into Akron’s police force.

Like the other 11 rookie police officers sworn in Friday night, Damber Subba wore a deep blue uniform, his posture erect, steps precise, face serious. But before the evening was over, he was a half-dozen layers deep in brightly colored scarves and garlands of flowers.

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A Franklin Township officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video emerged on social media showing him kicking a restrained suspect in the head.

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Bike patrols are coming to new neighborhoods as part of the city's ongoing effort to enact its new Comprehensive Neighborhood Safety Strategy. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has again stepped into the bitter public turmoil over police shootings of civilians, ruling Monday that an Arizona police officer is shielded from being sued for shooting a woman in her own front yard.

The court said the officer acted reasonably, given that the woman, Amy Hughes, was carrying a large kitchen knife, that she was standing within striking distance of a woman who the officer did not know was Hughes' roommate, and that Hughes failed to drop the knife when ordered to do so.

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Columbus Police officials say the process of equipping officers with body cameras is ahead of schedule and should be completed by early summer.

The city of Cleveland has disciplined five officers in two separate incidents, one involving the death of Tanisha Anderson and another involving uninvestigated sex crimes cases.

Safety Director Michael McGrath suspended a police officer for not calling EMS quickly enough to assist Anderson, who died after a mental health crisis in 2014. Another officer received a written warning. Two police supervisors were demoted and another was suspended over the sex crimes cases.

Tanisha Anderson Investigation

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For the newly-formed Community Safety Advisory Commission, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther drew members from all corners of the city.