Ohio Right to Life

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A bill that would specify how the fetal remains, which are a result of abortions, are handled has made it over another hurdle, passing a Senate committee on a party-line vote.

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Ohio Department of Health statistics show the number of abortions in Ohio was at an all-time low in 2016, but that didn’t keep the legislature from passing more abortion legislation this year.

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Ohio Senate has passed another abortion ban – this one aimed at diagnoses of Down Syndrome – sparking a silent protest from abortion rights activists in the Senate chamber.

Opponents of the bill made a banner of petition signatures of people who also oppose it and left it at Ohio House Speaker Rosenberger's office.
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An Ohio House committee has passed a bill that would make the state the third in the country to ban abortion after a Down Syndrome diagnosis has been made. Doctors who perform abortions after that point would be held liable and could lose their licenses to practice.

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The number of abortions in Ohio last year went down for the fourth year in a row, and is now at the lowest level on record.

Activists on opposing sides of the abortion debate can't agree on reasons to explain the drop.

Ohio Supreme Court
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The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday heard yet another case involving one of the state’s abortion providers. It’s the second abortion-related case to go before the court this month, with the latest revolving around who has legal standing to sue and what constitutes a "single-subject" bill.

Abortion rights supporters outside Ohio Supreme Court building
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The state’s highest court has heard arguments about whether to keep open Toledo's only abortion clinic. And the case could affect Ohio's seven other clinics as well.

Ohio Right To Life

Candidates for political office in Ohio who want to be endorsed by the state’s largest organization opposing abortion will have to meet new criteria.

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Ohio’s largest group representing abortion opponents is cheering news that two clinics that offered abortions in the Buckeye State have closed their doors. 

There was a silent yet visible demonstration at the Statehouse today as a bill that would ban an abortion procedure was introduced in committee. More than a dozen women dressed as characters from a well-known dystopian novel showed up as the Senate Judiciary Committee considered the legislation.