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Dominic Paretti
Columbus City Schools

A Columbus City School Board and legislative aide in the Ohio House has resigned after sexual harassment complaints that were filed against him by two female co-workers at the statehouse.

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The ongoing federal investigation into former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger raises questions about travel activities of lawmakers. Rosenberger has close ties with payday lending lobbyists who allegedly paid for some of his travel.


A study shows the country is on the verge of a doctor shortage, but one lawmaker in Ohio says she has a plan to fill the gap. The new bill, HB 726, is just the latest attempt to expand the authority of advance practice nurses.

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Democrats in the Ohio House say they plan to drop a bill in the lame duck session of the legislature later this year that would, among other things, create a cabinet level position to deal with drug policy.

Northeast Ohio luxury car dealership owner Bernie Moreno talks about blockchain, along with a group of technology business leaders and Republican state representatives.
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Experts say the decentralized, tamperproof digital ledger system known as "blockchain" has the potential to completely change commerce, culture and communication, as the internet and smartphones have. Republican state lawmakers say they want in on it.

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A lawmaker wants to stop companies and organizations from using taxpayer money to fund non-disclosure agreements.

The Ohio Statehouse
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County commissioners are firing back at a proposal coming next week from a Republican state lawmaker that would restrict their legal power to raise county sales taxes.

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Some Democrats in the Ohio Legislature are sponsoring a bill that they say would provide more protections to whistleblowers. 

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A year ago this week, an 18-year-old Columbus man was killed on a thrill ride on the first day of the Ohio State Fair. Legislation has been proposed to strengthen ride safety, but the law named for Tyler Jarrell hasn’t passed yet.

Ohio House

The Ohio House on Tuesday agreed with the Senate’s changes to a payday lending overhaul, sending the final bill to the governor’s office. Legislators voted 61-24 to approve the legislation, a relatively easy end to a contentious and often surprising political saga.