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Michael Lee / WOSU

Megan Bursey noticed something different about Columbus when she visited her girlfriend last December.

“There were just pride flags everywhere and 'Make America Gay Again’ flags," Bursey says. "I was looking for a bicycle and all the bike stores had flags everywhere and it was really nice to see that. People were very openly gay, which was very comforting, too.”

A group that supports the Serpent Mound historical site in Adams County is upset with the decision to cancel a popular Winter Solstice event.

Peter Souza / White House

The second annual Tribal Nations Conference kicks off on Oct. 31, with representatives from 13 tribes from across the country gathering at the Ohio History Connection.

Alliance Historical Society

Quite a few of the buildings in the heart of Alliance, in eastern Stark County, haven’t been in use for a long time.  So they still look a lot like they did a century ago.  And that may be one of the reasons why the city is seeking a historical district designation for its downtown.

Nick Houser

Oftentimes our vacation travels take us to places with a lot of great history to explore.  Conversations with friends who actually live in the places we visit generally get around to what we saw that day.  It's usually a combination of quirky little shops, historic buildings, off-the-beaten-path hikes, and the occasional ghost town.  (Yes, they are out there!)