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A law that passed unanimously a couple of years ago that would allow patients to find out the costs of medical procedures hasn’t been implemented yet. And it might never be if a new bill on health care price transparency is approved.

Former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman
Ohio House of Representatives

More information, including allegations of harassment, is coming out against the now former Ohio Rep. Wes Goodman. The top staff leader for House Republicans says they’ve been fielding rumors about Goodman for more than a year but, until this month, there was nothing to act on.

In the past month two lawmakers and one high-ranking staffer have resigned under the guise of “inappropriate conduct.” But that phrase can be attributed to a wide-range of infractions. The Senate president says their goal is to be as transparent as possible.

diabetes blood sugar testing

An Ohio lawmaker says more needs to be done to help Ohioans who suffer from diabetes so he’s proposing a bill he thinks will develop a foundation for progress to battle the disease.

Cliff Rosenberger
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There has been an escalating flurry of rumors at the Statehouse ever since a senator was accused of sexually propositioning a staffer.

Since then, complaints of various types of harassment against three representatives have surfaced.

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The Ohio House has passed a pair of bills requiring photos on electronic benefit cards, and checks on recipients' sources of income and immigration status.

Ohio Channel

Two Democratic state lawmakers have proposed a plan for universal health-care coverage for Ohio, but it’s a longshot, to say the least.

Ohio Congressional Map for 113th Congress
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Citizens from around Ohio came to the Statehouse to tell lawmakers why the current process to draw Congressional district lines isn’t working. The Congressional redistricting group met for the first time Thursday, with a goal of putting a plan before voters next year.

Unemployment Insurance Claims Office sign
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Business and labor leaders both agree that something needs to be done to overhaul the fund Ohio uses to pay out jobless benefits. They want to avoid the crisis of 2008 when the state borrowed billions from the feds when the fund dried up.

A new plan has been proposed but both sides seemed to be split on the bill.

Opponents of the bill made a banner of petition signatures of people who also oppose it and left it at Ohio House Speaker Rosenberger's office.
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An Ohio House committee has passed a bill that would make the state the third in the country to ban abortion after a Down Syndrome diagnosis has been made. Doctors who perform abortions after that point would be held liable and could lose their licenses to practice.