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Ohio’s Auditor says it’s probably too late for the state Department of Commerce to pause its medical marijuana processes to fix problems. He’s telling the department to focus now instead on defending lawsuits.

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The agency that oversees Ohio’s medical marijuana program admits there are problems with the scoring process used to grant medical marijuana growing licenses. 

Legal Marijuana Oregon
Gosia Wozniacka / Associated Press

Ohio’s auditor has found a big problem with the process for scoring applications from those interested in growing medical marijuana for the state’s new program.

Legal Marijuana Oregon
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State Auditor Dave Yost says questions about past drug convictions of a consultant who played a key role in Ohio’s new medical marijuana program, set to begin operation in September, need to be addressed now. And he says it’s time for an investigation.

Legal Marijuana Oregon
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The Ohio Department of Commerce has chosen the 12 companies that will be given licenses to operate large-scale medical marijuana growing farms. They also chose a final small grower, rounding out the list of 24 companies authorized to produce medical marijuana under a new system expected to go live by September.

Athens County

It appears the state’s new medical marijuana bill has cleared a hurdle. A public college has stepped forward to volunteer to serve as the state’s medical marijuana testing laboratory.


Officials in Ohio say they don't expect to issue the state's first medical marijuana cultivator licenses until around November, at least a month later than growers expected.

The Ohio Department of Commerce announced the timetable Thursday.

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Some 900,000 Ohioans live in mobile or trailer homes – manufactured homes, as they’re known. Gov. John Kasich wants to merge the small nine member commission that oversees those homes with the Department of Commerce, which has more than 800 employees.

Kasich Picks Minority Business Chief For Commerce Director

Apr 6, 2015
Jacqueline Williams

Ohio’s governor has named a new commerce director as the state agency’s current leader is set to return to a regulatory board.

Gov. John Kasich said Monday he has picked Jacqueline Williams to lead the Ohio Department of Commerce.