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As the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea continue, cybersecurity officials have been combating hackers and other cyberattacks. We'll take a look at who's been targeted, who's potentially behind these attacks, and what is being done to prevent further breaches.

We'll also take a look at how search engines are influenced by our own prejudices.

AlphaGo defeats human in game
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MIT recently announced their 2017 breakthrough technologies, which are the tech innovations they predict will have the biggest impact on culture, medicine, economics and politics this year. Featured on their list is facial recognition technology that can be used to make purchases and computer reinforcement learning, which allows computer programs to "learn" from past behaviors and could be the next breakthrough in self-driving technology. Today we'll discuss these tech innovations, how Google may be giving inaccurate answers to questions and the Nintendo Switch.

Tech Tuesday: Ara Phone, Digital Detox, Tech News

Jan 17, 2017
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When the Ara Phone was released in 2013, many thought it would be the next revolution in smartphone technology. The highly customizable phone featured interchangeable blocks that could be upgraded individually, but the phone failed to meet expectations and was suspended in 2016. Today we'll discuss the rise and fall of the Ara Phone, how to detox in the digital age and more.