Adora Namigadde / WOSU

The shuttered office of the The Jackson County Times-Journal sits in a small strip mall next to the Jackson County WIC and Save-A-Lot.

A white piece of paper behind a glass front door declares "Closed," while a look through the front windows reveals a mostly empty space: a cabinet with a purple handwritten “Sold” sign, a pink fleece jacket on the ground, a few books piled up in the corner.

Newspaper Tradition Ends In Columbus, Dispatch Sold

Jun 3, 2015
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The century long tradition of Columbus having a local family owned newspaper will end.  The Columbus Dispatch will soon have new owners.  The Wolfe family will sell the paper and other print publications to a New York City investment firm.

The Rebirth of the Free Press

Sep 5, 2013

11:00 The Columbus Free Press newspaper is making its (re)-debut. The paper grew out of anti-war sentiment at OSU in 1970 and ran until funds dried up in the mid 1990s.  Now it's back and hoping to tackle a host of 21st century issues. This hour we'll discuss the possibilities for a newspaper with the current trends in print journalism. Guests

Failing Journalism Industry Crisis

Jan 27, 2010

The journalism industry is in decline ... Possible solutions, with Free Press co-founders and University of Illinois communication professor Robert W. McChesney and The Nation magazine Washington correspondent John Nichols.