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I was in Mansfield on a recent Sunday afternoon for the launch of the Mid-Ohio Opera, with a lovely concert performance of La Boheme — a community effort and a fine performance.

It's been awhile since I've been to Mansfield's beautiful Renaissance Theatre. This is a late-1920s movie palace, originally gaudy, ornate and wired for the talkies. Echoing the story of many such lavish temples for celluloid built across the U.S., the building went into decline as vaudeville died and Clark Gable in the movies gave way to I Love Lucy on TV.

Mary Hoffman was program director of WOSU Radio in the days when WOSU-FM meant classical music at 89.7 on the dial.

During my time here, I've inherited offices and files originating with Mary. Reading about her music programming and her views informing what makes a tremendous music station made for a wonderful education.

A lithograph of Abraham Lincoln's funeral cortage in Columbus
Albert Edmenson / Columbus Metropolitan Library

Here's what happens when you clean your office — at least, in my case.

You find things you never knew you had, that are interesting in and of themselves and would also make great radio programs.

During a recent — and rare — burst of office cleaning, I found an envelope from my buddy Andrew MacGregor, recording engineer extraordinaire, marked, "St. Joseph Cathedral, The Music of A. Lincoln's Funeral."

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It's not as if I've never heard of Ferdinando Paer.  

Recently I've gotten to know Paer's oratorio Il Santo Sepolcro (The Holy Sepulcher). I came across a new recording of this work in our wonderful music library

I've scheduled The Holy Sepulcher for Music in Mid-Ohio at 8 p.m. this Sunday, June 25.

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Ohio Music Education Association /

Music in Mid-Ohio returns to Classical 101 at 1 p.m. this Sunday, June 18. Through the end of September, the program will showcase performances in and around Columbus, "often by your friends and neighbors."

The Metropolitan Opera

Every week is concert week on Classical 101, and we've got the playlists to prove it. Whether you adventure through the sounds of the United States with Jennifer Hambrick's The American Sound, or join Christopher Purdy for music made by musicians you might even see at your local grocery store with Music in Mid-Ohio; there's something on-air for everyone. Check out what's in store for this week!

The Metropolitan Opera

Classical 101 has insightful musical programming 24-hours a day, every day. So, tune in for weekend selections like Music in Mid-Ohio to hear musicians from our community, or check out the weekday evening shows such as Fretworks and The American Sound to hear the best music for guitar with John Rittmeyer, or Jennifer Hambrick's take on American composition.

Whether it's Classical, Baroque, Modern or Romantic; on Classical 101, it's bound to be a classic.

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My late father was an amateur big-band style singer with what used to be called a "Whiskey Tenor" type voice. One of his great hits was a World War II era ditty called that went: They were doin' the mambo....what the heck is the mambo?

They really did sing heck rather than anything saltier on those U.S.O. tours seventy years ago.