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Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Jun 20, 2017
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Although medical marijuana was legalized in Ohio last year, the program still faces many roadblocks. As the state begins to accept licensing applications to grow medical marijuana, some cities have welcomed the idea while others have passed moratoriums on the drug.  

Coming up, we're discussing the economics of growing, processing and selling of medical marijuana in Ohio. 

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Ohio hits one of its first deadlines this week in the process of legalizing medical marijuana. But it comes at the same time U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants permission to spend federal money to prosecute medical marijuana providers.

Cleveland city council on Monday discussed the possibility of lifting a city-wide moratorium on the cultivation of medical marijuana. 

The move comes as the state begins accepting cultivator license applications starting June 5th.  Some council members expressed concern about zoning and where the grow sites would be located.  But Ward 8 councilman Mike Polensek sees an opportunity for the city and pointed to other municipalities in Northeast Ohio that are considering marijuana cultivation.

April 20th is a day widely celebrated by those in favor of legalizing marijuana. But as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, hundreds of high school students from around Ohio have a different message.

A sea of high school students in purple tee shirts marched down the street to the Statehouse. Delaney McQuown, a senior at Upper Sandusky High School, says the message is simple: Don’t do drugs.

Ohio's rules for medical marijuana cultivators have cleared their final legislative hurdle. The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review cleared the rules for growers, including application and license fees, without objection on Monday.

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One of the three people who plan to build a medical marijuana campus in Southwest Ohio thinks the drug can be used to treat one of the state’s biggest problems – opioid abuse.

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Two of the people who played a big part in the marijuana legalization plan rejected by Ohio voters in 2015 are planning to take a key role in Ohio’s new medical marijuana program.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Feb 27, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
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Gov. John Kasich met with President Donald Trump on Friday as an attempt to find common ground, according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer. However, it is not clear who initiated the sit down, as spokespeople for both men claimed the other asked for the meeting. Kasich was also summoned by congressional GOP leaders to help fix Medicaid and work on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Today we'll discuss the latest in state and national news with a panel of reporters. 


The Justice Department may step up enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have voted to legalize its recreational use, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

"I do believe think you'll see greater enforcement of it," Spicer said, during his daily press briefing. He added that the Department of Justice will be looking into the issue further.

So far, more than half of all U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and eight (plus the District of Columbia) have legalized the drug for recreational use. Varieties of cannabis available today are more potent than ever and come in many forms, including oils and leaves that can be vaped, and lots of edibles, from brownies and cookies to candies — even cannabis gummy bears.

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The ball is rolling in Ohio to create the state’s medical marijuana program as a first draft of rules for who can sell medical pot has been released.

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Ohio's new medical marijuana advisory committee is getting to work.

The 14-member panel is charged with coming up with recommendations on how medicinal cannabis will be grown, packaged, distributed and regulated. It's holding its first meeting Tuesday in Columbus.

It could take more than a year before Ohio doctors could recommend marijuana for patients under Ohio’s medical marijuana program. But what would happen if someone in Ohio has obtained medical marijuana legally in another state and was using it here? Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports on the first bill to make changes in Ohio's medical marijuana program.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Sep 12, 2016
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Clinton and Trump continue to battle it out in Ohio, while voters interest in third party candidates is increasing.  Medical marijuana is now legal in the state, but it could take up to two years before patients can get their hands on the drug. Also, a new abortion proposal could make it's way to the ballot. 

Jo Ingles interviews Aaron Marshall, Communications Director for Ohioans For Medical Marijuana.
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The state’s new medical marijuana law goes into effect Thursday. That means Ohio is now able to start putting the process in place to allow Ohioans to get medical marijuana. But that doesn’t mean Ohioans who have illnesses to qualify for the drug can get or use it anytime soon.

Ohio is yet to outline how exactly its new medical marijuana law will work even as it is set to take effect Thursday, leaving a host of unanswered questions by doctors, patients, pharmacists, police and many others.

Some Ohio communities are already considering opting out of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries and facilities already opting out of hosting dispensaries before the plan is even implemented. But one Ohio community is rolling out the red carpet for the new medical marijuana industry.

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Aug 22, 2016
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The presidential race continues on.  Trump apologizes, and shakes up his campaign staff once again.  In Ohio, Kasich joins Portman in his quest for the Senate. Also, there's more change to come surrounding the new medical marijuana policies and funding for preschools will be reallocated. 

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Part of Ohio's new medical marijuana law that sets aside a piece of the state's budding pot business for minorities appears to be unconstitutional.

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Jun 6, 2016
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As the Republican National Convention prepares to be held in Cleveland this July, Columbus police officers have said they will send officers to help with security. Also, the bill to legalize medical marijuana continues to stir up questions about its effects if signed into law. 

Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Jun 2, 2016
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Ohio lawmakers have sent a bill to Governor Kasich that would make Ohio the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. Even if signed into law though, there are many questions about who the bill would impact and how. 

Now that an organization that initially wanted to put a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana has halted its campaign to get signatures for this fall’s ballot, the question - is what will happen to that campaign in the future?  A political scientist to provide some possible answers.

After nearly twenty years of trying, backers of a bill to allow medical marijuana in the Buckeye state are celebrating a historic vote by the Ohio Legislature, and is headed to the governor.

A state Senate panel has delayed making changes to a proposal that would legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. 

The Ohio House has passed a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the state. 


The Ohio House is preparing to vote on a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in vapor form, but not allow patients to smoke to drug.

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A proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio has cleared a legislative panel and appears headed for a full House vote next week.

Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Apr 19, 2016
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An Ohio legislative task force is proposing a bill for medical marijuana as two separate groups are collecting signatures for their own ballot initiatives. The advantages and disadvantages of each option is currently being considered and debated. 

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Ohio lawmakers plan to legalize medical marijuana by summer in an effort they say is more responsible and comprehensive than any ballot proposal.

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A group that wants to create a medical marijuana program in Ohio got the green light Thursday to gather petitions for a statewide ballot initiative.