lead poisoning

Students at Mound Elementary School participated in the first round of lead testing in the partnership between the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Case Western Reserve University.
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On a Monday morning, Mound Elementary School Nurse Angelique King walks kindergartener Darrell into a small classroom, sits with him at a knee-high table and pulls out an alcohol wipe.

Three years into the water crisis in Flint, Mich., many residents still rely on bottled water, and experts say the ramifications are likely to continue for years to come.

The water crisis began in 2012, when Flint decided to switch the city's water source and failed to treat the water with an anti-corrosive. Water corroded the pipes, allowing lead to dissolve into the water. Even as the city replaces the tainted lines, the water remains unsafe to drink.

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Historically, the environmental movement hasn’t always been welcoming to people of color – and issues that are important to them. But to change the problem, you first have to recognize it – and for advocacy groups, it took two events in 2014 to make them reconsider their approach.

In October of this year, the city of Cleveland plans to start inspecting rental properties for lead paint hazards, according to the mayor’s office. Cuyahoga County had the highest lead poisoning rate in Ohio in 2015

Two other mid-sized cities in the Great Lakes region could help show Cleveland the way. Rochester, New York, focused its efforts in places where children were most at risk. Toledo is starting to do the same.

The comeback of the American bald eagle is a success story across the Great Lakes region, and keeping them safe is a high priority for many environmental professionals. But one serious threat to the great raptor is lead poisoning.

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The Columbus City Council on Monday night announced it's standing against a state measure that would strip cities of local control to address lead poisoning.