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The relationship between Gov. John Kasich and Ohio’s education leaders has been troubled for years. When it comes to school administrators, they’ve seen proposals from Kasich that cut funding and change the structure of school boards.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is joining the Republicans who are calling on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to leave the race after four women said he had inappropriate contact with them as teenagers.

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Gov. John Kasich still won’t say whether he’ll be on the ballot again, but he did have some thoughts about how Democrats and his fellow Republicans fared in Tuesday’s election results.

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Ohio lawmakers are still trying to come up with a new plan to replace hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that public transit agencies and counties lost in the last state budget. The money will be running out earlier than anticipated.

Several Ohio cities are waiting to hear how their bids for Amazon's second headquarters went over with the retail giant. Gov. John Kasich is teasing the possibility of a new tech giant moving into Ohio.

Several Ohio cities put in bids with Amazon for its second headquarters, complete with offers of tax breaks. But Gov. John Kasich maintains, while he’s hoping high-tech firms are looking at Ohio, the state does not “buy deals.” Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked with Kasich about luring technology companies to the state.

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Buzzfeed is reporting that Gov. John Kasich met yesterday with foreign policy and national security experts in Columbus, apparently looking toward a possible run for president in 2020.

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A report from 60 Minutes and the Washington Post on Sunday suggested Central Ohio-based Cardinal Health and other opioid painkiller distributors persuaded Congress to weaken the Drug Enforcement Agency’s authority.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke at an event at the University of Delaware on Tuesday, saying the increasingly polarized political climate is impeding a functioning democracy.

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Gov. John Kasich and former Vice President Joe Biden are speaking together Tuesday in Delaware, leading to more talk about Kasich as the GOP’s bipartisan counter to President Trump.