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Rory Rennick performs street magic in downtown Columbus. He said  he is using the tricks to show the tactics of Issue 2 Opponents.
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Two sides are battling over an issue on this fall’s ballot that attempts to lower the costs of prescription drugs. As expected big drug companies have landed right in the middle of the fight. But exactly who is funding that side remains a big question mark.

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The man behind a fall ballot initiative in Ohio aimed at trimming the prices government pays for prescription drugs is challenging any pharmaceutical industry CEO to debate him on the measure.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 7, 2017
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Opponents of the Issue 2 Ohio ballot have raised $15.8 million and donated that money to a non-profit known as "Ohioans Against the Deceptive Rx Ballot Issue LLC. " If passed, Issue 2 will prevent Ohio from paying more on prescription drugs than the U.S. Veterans Administration pays.

Coming up, we're talking about opioids and Issue 2 and the latest in state news with a panel of reporters. 

Voting hours for Hamilton County extended by 90 minutes until 9 p.m. so voters who may not have voted because of glitches at the polling places can vote, a judge has ruled. 

Issue 2 Opponents Fear Consequences For Voters

Oct 30, 2015
The Ohio State Constitution exhibit at the Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center
Ohio Rights Group

Supporters of a plan to legalize marijuana in Ohio have another enemy besides skeptical voters: Issue 2, which looks to ban monopolies from being written into the state constitution. But opponents of Issue 2 say it could have other consequences.

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Election Day is a week away. Issue 2 is known as the “anti-monopoly” amendment. If the statewide measure passes, it might be only the beginning of a long legal battle.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Oct 26, 2015
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With two dozen scheduled executions on hold, Ohio is pushing to obtain a lethal-injection drug from overseas to end the shortage. Issue 3, the initiative to legalize marijuana in Ohio, might be derailed if issue 2, a competing ballot measure that would prohibit a monopoly on drugs like marijuana, is passed. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is placing a renewal levy on the November ballot that will ask Franklin County voters for financial support. 

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Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio's fall election. Ohioans also have until Monday to update their voter information.

ACLU, Common Cause Ohio Oppose Anti-Monopoly Issue

Oct 1, 2015
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Two groups have declared their opposition to issue two – the proposed amendment aimed at keeping monopolies out of the state constitution. The ACLU and Common Cause Ohio say the measure limits citizen action.

Post-Election Statehouse News Panel

Nov 9, 2011

10:00 A momentous election day ended with  the repeal of Senate Bill 5 and Mayor Coleman's fourth term victory. On this hour of "All Sides," a panel of political news correspondents discuss yesterday's competitions and what issues were deemed important to Ohioans. Guests

  • Karen Kasler (Bureau Chief, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau)
  • Laura Bischoff (Correspondent, Dayton Daily News)
  • Joe Vardon (Public Affairs Reporter, The Columbus Dispatch)