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Ohio State University

What's the cost of being a woman employee of The Ohio State University? An analysis by The Lantern found that men working for the school earn $7,800 more than women when comparing median salary values.

Women in Politics

Nov 28, 2017
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Women racked up victories across the country on Election Day. It’s a testament to the explosion of women candidates who have entered the political stage since Donald Trump was elected president one year ago. Coming up a look at how gender influences politics.

"Gender equality benefits all of us," Iceland's Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson said on International Women's Day, as his government works on a law to require companies to show they pay men and women the same salary for the same work.

Benediktsson discussed the plan in New York, where he attended an International Women's Day summit and other meetings this week.

11:00 As author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sheryl WuDunn puts it, women in developing countries have been under-nurtured, underrepresented, and basically discriminated against to death. What can we do about the oppression of women in these countries? This hour we discuss gender equality and what women can do to gain opportunities. Guest