Invasive Plants in Ohio

Jan 11, 2018
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The state of Ohio has outlawed the selling and distribution of 38 invasive plant species in a bid to protect fragile native plant and animal populations.

Today, we discuss the environmental threat these plants pose and how the Ohio Invasive Plants Council plans to halt their spread.

Fall Gardening

Nov 9, 2017
A snow covered almond tree
Angela Llop / Wikimedia Commons

The temperature maybe dropping but don't put up the fertilizer, shovel and gloves just yet. Join us today for a look at gardening during the Fall season.

Get tips on how to preserve your garden for the warmer months and find out which plants can actually stick it out in freezing temperatures.

Late Summer Gardening Tips

Aug 28, 2017

As the summer winds down get tips and hints on how to keep your summer garden and plants fresh and healthy. Also find out why plant conservation efforts earn less fundraising support than animal conservation programs. 

I spent two years dreaming of sun-warmed tomatoes, towering sunflowers and home-grown salad greens before a spot opened in my community garden in Washington, D.C.

When I first met plot 56 in September of 2015, it was a mound of grasses, vines, and cilantro gone to seed.

I had no experience with a vegetable garden of my own, but I knew I was just the person to tame this 4-by-8 foot raised bed. I grew up watching my dad grow veggies. I worked on a flower farm in high school. And I trained as a plant biologist. So I know something about encouraging a seed to grow.

Flowers: Gardening, Design and Floriculture

Jul 27, 2017
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Flowers make any space look beautiful, but they require a lot of care throughout the gardening season. A gardener has to fend off weeds, control diseases, mulch and apply fertilizer. And those are just a few of the tasks.

Broadcasting from the 2017 Ohio State Fair, we are talking all things flowers, from gardening to design to floriculture.  

Gardening Tips and Trends

May 12, 2017
Garden watering can
Markus Spiske / Flickr Creative Commons

Mother's Day is upon us and that means it is time for the annual Chadwick Arboretum Plant Sale. Debra Knapke is known for being Ohio's Garden Sage, and she is joining us at Chadwick Arboretum to fill us in on her latest tips and trends in gardening. Join us as we sit down with gardening experts Debra Knapke and Jared Hughes to learn about the latest in gardening news. 

Gardening Tips

May 6, 2016

There's always work to be done in the garden and more to learn about how to take care of and beautify it. This hour Ohio's Garden Sage, Debra Knapke, talks about the best plants to grow this time of year and how to best maintain them. 

Spring Gardening

Mar 25, 2016
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Spring is officially here and with the warmer weather, many are looking to grow and beautify their gardens. From all the different pollinator plants to the best spring vegetables, there is a great deal to do in the garden this time of year. 

Winter Gardening

Jan 14, 2016
Eli Duke / Flickr

Even though it is winter, there is still work to be done in the garden. This hour we will discuss how to protect plants from the cold, what the recent unusual winter weather means for the garden and more. 

End of the Season Gardening Tips

Oct 5, 2015
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Fall is here but that doesn't mean there isn't gardening work to do. This is an important time to prepare our gardens for winter and ensure a fertile and fruitful spring. This hour, a closer look at how to put garden beds to rest for the season.