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The Innerbelt National Forest is now temporarily open to the public, bringing new green space to downtown Akron.

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A seven-day cycling tour that combines bike racing with forestry is coming to Ohio for the first time. The 581-mile Tour Des Trees starts Sunday in Columbus.

Hemlock-Killing Bug Getting Help From Warmer Winters

Dec 5, 2017
Caitlin Whyte / Great Lakes Today

On a rainy day, City Forester Jeanne Grace takes me on a tour of the Ithaca City Cemetery, where tall, evergreen trees hang over many of the graves.

The cemetery has the peace and quiet of any cemetery, but if you take a closer look at the hemlock trees - real close - you’ll spot the pesky hemlock woolly adelgid.

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The mayor of Akron recently issued a warning to citizens to be on the lookout for a fungus that kills oak trees. Oak Wilt is a condition that affects red oak and pin oak trees and has been found in the city. But it’s only one of the scourges that could spell doom to trees in Ohio.

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Officials say 15 rural school districts and their communities will share about $2 million from the sale of timber from Ohio's state forests.

Opponents are pushing back as a federal agency again considers requests to open Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio to oil and gas drilling.