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Columbus police officer struggle to subdue Timothy Davis during a September 1 arrest.
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Columbus city attorneys are denying that police officers used improper force when they arrested Timothy Davis last year in an incident captured on video.

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The city of Columbus is making strides in staffing up its police department, as the city continues to see a record number of homicides. Mayor Andrew Ginther announced on Wednesday that the city plans to add 30 additional police recruits to its 2018 recruit classes. 

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Columbus saw its deadliest year yet in 2017, with 143 homicides, a record that was last broken in the midst of the cocaine epidemic a quarter-century ago.

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs says it's not just the opioid epidemic that's to blame for the rising number of deaths – it's also that the number of of police is far short of where it should be. The numbers back her up: Columbus lags behind comparable cities in the size of its police force, and the department is struggling as a result.

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The Columbus Division of Police seized 2,750 firearms last year, setting a new department record.

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Police in Columbus and around the country are once again urging residents not to shoot off guns to celebrate the New Year and are warning of criminal charges against those who do and are caught.


A Christmas Day death that police are now calling a homicide is considered to be Columbus' 140th of the year, breaking the previous record of 139 set in 1991.

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After a weekend with three more deaths from shootings, Columbus Division of Police Chief Kim Jacobs issued a "call to action and a call to peace" on Monday afternoon.

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At Stew's Barber Shop on Sullivant Avenue, Armando McKnight is giving a client a cut.

“Right now, I'm giving him a line-up,” McKnight says. “This is like detailing a car. The cut is done and now I'm just perfecting the edges.”

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Authorities say a woman was fatally shot while cooking Thanksgiving dinner after someone fired shots into a northeast Columbus home.

Creating Safer Streets

Nov 22, 2017
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The Mayor of Columbus has unveiled a new plan to handle neighborhood safety in an atmosphere of rising homicide rates and complaints about excessive use of force by police. Coming up, a look at policing and community with city leadership and local advocates for change.