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Residents of Clintonville are outraged. The reason? Their beloved “Kangaroo Crossing” sign is gone.

Curious Cbus: What's The History Of Old Beechwold?

Feb 15, 2018
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Haley Vest used to live on the corner of Indianola and Morse Road in Clintonville. But she would occasionally explore other areas—like the picturesque Old Beechwold neighborhood.

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Here's the trick to holding chickens: Once you actually get them settled in your hand, they're actually pretty friendly.

Marielle Segarra

Picture the inside of a fast food restaurant. Big menu board, plastic booths, those brown trays, sticky with ketchup from the last customer - the kind of place you get in and get out.

Dan Timmermann

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Cities around the country are changing colors, from a warm yellow shade to more of an institutional blue. The change comes from above: They're replacing old streetlight bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Nurturing Nature In Columbus' Ravines

Oct 17, 2016
Biologist Mike Graziano beside a vernal pool that he and others constructed.
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Biologist Mike Graziano loves to explore the Clintonville area’s ravines. According to an acquaintance, this Ohio State University PhD candidate is the next E.O. Wilson.  


Columbus Public Health officials are urging residents to eliminate any standing water on their property.  The warning follows the discovery of mosquitoes that tested positive for West Nile Virus in the city’s Clintonville and Northland areas.  Department spokesman Jose Rodriguez says mosquito control efforts will continue.

“We have anti-mosquito efforts going all throughout the season.  So this coming week we will be spraying to help eliminate mosquitoes specifically in those two regions,” Rodriguez said.

Franklin County Jail

  The Clintonville man charged with fatally shooting a Columbus SWAT officer has pleaded not guilty.

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Authorities say the man accused in the slaying of a Columbus SWAT officer has now been charged with aggravated murder. The upgraded charge against defendant Lincoln Rutledge follows Tuesday's death of Columbus officer Steven Smith.