Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Northeast Ohio is getting in on the latest craze in new transportation technology – the hyperloop. Under a new proposal, a hyperloop route between Cleveland and Chicago would take just 28 minutes.

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Thyra Chaney loves movies. Like, really loves them.

“I love the dialogue. I love the production,” she says. “I love every single thing about it.”

A documentary film crew is recording interviews with Clevelanders about a violent week in 1968. This summer marks the 50th anniversary of a deadly gun battle in Glenville.  There are different accounts as to what exactly happened, but the filmmakers say they want to make sure the whole story is told for the next generation.

Hummus is having its kale moment among local Cleveland foodies.  It’s been trending for several months now on two Facebook groups, where members have been raving about the homemade hummus they’ve found not at local restaurants or specialty markets, but at gas stations.  That’s right -- gas stations, like the Sunoco at the corner of Columbia and Sprague Roads in Olmsted Falls, where Rita DiCello gave the hummus sold there high marks.  

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On a quiet Saturday morning at Rozi's wine and beer shop in Lakewood, manager Bill Barak straightens up after a Friday night beer tasting.

Mark Urycki / ideastream

If it seems like there are a lot of young men with beards in Cleveland this week, you’re not imagining it. 

At the end of May, Cleveland will be a little less fun.

Owner Steve Presser announced earlier this week that Big Fun, the popular vintage toy store located in the Coventry neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, would be closing after 27 years.

Why now?

“The two words I’m using: ‘It’s time.’ I used to joke that I’d have to be carried out of there on a gurney, but I much prefer the alternative.  I like walking out,” Presser said.

About a hundred people gathered in the park across from the West Side Market a few hours before President Trump's State of the Union.

Just hours before President Trump’s State of the Union called for big cuts in legal immigration and continuing crackdowns on undocumented immigrants, about a hundred people gathered across from Cleveland’s West Side Market to rally for immigrants and refugees.

The gathering included a phone call from a Youngstown businessman less than a day after his deportation to Jordan.

Nick Castele / ideastream

The federal monitoring team overseeing the police consent decree in Cleveland released its fourth progress report this week.

From a hashtag to a movement, #MeToo is generating conversations around the world.

It’s also inspiring artists here in Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland painter Laura Dumm decided to depict Venus, the goddess of love, as a #MeToo survivor. While she typically works collaboratively with her husband, Gary, on artwork critical of environmental and societal issues, it felt right to her to do this work independently.