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One of the state’s largest public school districts will no longer be allowed to sponsor charter schools.

ECOT teachers, staff, families and students rallied at the Statehouse in May 2017.
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The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday considers what could be the final appeal by the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

ECOT closed last month because of financial trouble related to having to repay tens of millions of dollars in funding it never should have received. The affects on tax payers have gotten most of the attention, but former ECOT teachers and students say they're the real victims.

A free day at the aquarium! For Marcey Morse, a mother of two, it sounded pretty good.

It was the fall of 2016, and Morse had received an email offering tickets, along with a warning about her children's education.

At that time, Morse's two kids were enrolled in an online, or "virtual," school called the Georgia Cyber Academy, run by a company called K12 Inc. About 275,000 students around the country attend these online public charter schools, run by for-profit companies, at taxpayers' expense.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Feb 5, 2018
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Negotiations between lawmakers and citizens' groups for a new redistricting plan for congressional districts have fallen through. Gov. John Kasich has said he is willing to step in and help work out a deal. A plan must be passed before Feb. 7th to get on the May ballot.

We'll also take a look at governor's race, and the latest news from the Ohio Statehouse.

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“School’s just never felt right to me since I was in Kindergarten,” said 18-year-old Abbey Lopez, laughing.

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Thousands of students are either starting in a new school or still looking for a place to take classes after the closure of the state’s largest online charter school. The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is still fighting the state’s clawback of $60 million and blames the state Department of Education for its fate.

The Future of ECOT

Jan 17, 2018
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The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT, has lost its sponsor and could be set to close as early as this week, impacting nearly 12,000 students across the state.

Today, we discuss the uncertain future of Ohio's largest online charter school.

ECOT Could Close By Next Week After Losing Sponsor

Jan 11, 2018
ECOT founder Bill Lager speaks to the crowd of students, parents and teachers earlier this year.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

The sponsor of Ohio’s largest online charter schools says it's cutting that tie, which could halt the school's Ohio operations for its roughly 12,000 students within days.

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A new study shows the graduation rates of Ohio’s traditional public schools are much better than those of charter schools.

ECOT founder Bill Lager speaks to the crowd of students, parents and teachers earlier this year.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

The state’s largest online charter school said in court filings last week that it will close by January if it’s forced to pay back nearly $80 million to the state from two attendance audits. But state auditor Dave Yost says that doesn’t mean the bill would be settled.