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The Catholic Diocese of Columbus just celebrated its 150th birthday in March. Inspired by a Curious Cbus question from David Patrick, we decided to delve into the history of Catholicism in Columbus.

Diocese of Rockville Centre

The next leader of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is a Miami-born son of Cuban immigrants now serving as auxiliary bishop of a diocese on Long Island, N.Y

Nativity set at Jubilee Museum in Columbus neighborhood of Franklinton.
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A plain old Columbus building with a soup kitchen in the basement houses the largest diversified collection of Catholic art in the country, according to the Vatican.

The Jubilee Museum which started as a small hobby collection is now a resource for Central Ohio churches.

Pope Francis' First Book and the Themes of His Papacy

Feb 24, 2016
Jeffrey Bruno / Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis released his first book, The Name of God is Mercy, three years into his papacy. Today will talk about the theme of mercy in the Pope's messages and the decisions and actions that have defined his tenure so far. Also, how his most recent statements--on what it means to be a Christian and how contraception can be used to prevent the Zika Virus-- have been received. 

Arrivederci, Roma: Picking a New Pope

Feb 27, 2013

10:00 Tomorrow Pope Benedict XVI will be the first pontiff in almost 600 years to retire from the position. So what happens now? The current pool of 121 electable cardinals hail from six continents, increasing the chances of an African or Asian pope for the first time ever.  In this hour, we'll discuss how the pope is chosen, and what challenges the successor will face. Guests