campaign finance

Columbus City Hall
Google / Creative Commons

As various groups push for a change in how Columbus City Council elects candidates, the Council will consider a measure to clarify campaign finance disclosure requirements for candidates running for any city office.

Republican Sen. Frank LaRose (left) and democratic Rep. Kathleen Clyde (right) agree that more transparency is needed in campaign finance.

The opponents of Issue 2, the Drug Price Relief Act, recently outspent backers of that proposal by a four-to-one margin. And most of the money in the opposition’s campaign war chest couldn’t be directly traced because it was in an LLC rather than a traditional political action committee.

A judge has struck down a law that limits the amount contractors can give to the political campaigns of officials with whom they do business.

Wednesday's ruling is the second against the law by Judge John Bender of Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

He declared the language unconstitutional last year, but an amended version of it was slipped into the two-year state budget in June. However, Bender says that since it is based on language already declared unconstitutional, instead of on existing law, it too is unconstitutional.