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Columbus Police

"Oh my God!" "Why why why why why?" "Keep them back." "Get back, get back, get back."

That's how the audio starts, after two Columbus Police officers shot Kareem Ali Nadir Jones. Taken from the body camera of Samuel James, one of two officers involved, the audio only captures the aftermath of the July 7 shooting.

Columbus Police body camera footage

Columbus Police on Thursday released video of the department’s first officer-involved shooting to be captured by police body cameras.

Body cameras are spreading fast through American policing, and they're generating an ocean of video. Axon, a company that provides secure cloud storage for police departments, says it has received more than 4 million hours' worth of video uploads from its clients.

Columbus Police

As Columbus Police officer Zachary Rosen remains on non-patrol duties, a look at his history with the department reveals both accolades and previous controversies over recordings and use of force.

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The Columbus Division of Police is working to recover tens of thousands of lost cruiser video files that the department believes were "inadvertently deleted."

After outfitting just 12 Columbus Police officers with body-worn cameras in 2016, Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a press conference Thursday that 70 officers in the department's traffic bureau are scheduled to wear the cameras by the end of January.

Mayor Ginther's campaign goal of outfitting Columbus police officers with body cameras will fall short.

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Police in Columbus can review body camera footage before they file reports or make statements under newly agreed upon rules.

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This week, a committee of Columbus city leaders shared their recommendations on how to roll out the city’s new body camera program for police. But the ACLU thinks there's a few holes in the city's proposed policy.

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City council members on Wednesday will take public comment on how Columbus police might implement body cameras in their work.

Columbus Police Begin Testing Body Cameras

Aug 2, 2016
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Beginning today 30 Columbus police volunteers will wear body cameras for testing purposes.

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The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday heard from attorneys in two cases revolving around whether police body camera footage is public record. 

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On Wednesday evening the Department of Safety held a public forum on the use of body cameras for Columbus police officers. 

Some Ohio cities already have police body cameras and others are considering getting them. As some state legislators want to make sure all cities have the same rules for using police body cameras.

After some high profile incidents, pressure is mounting on police officers to wear body cameras.  Mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther is forcing the issue here in Columbus. The city council president wants all officers to wear them by the start of 2017. Officers in other cities have already started wearing them.

Body Camera Legislation Would Set State-wide Standards

Sep 16, 2015

A state legislator who represents Columbus continues to craft police body camera legislation that would apply to officers throughout the state. 

Police Leaders Question Ginther's Body Cam Proposal

Sep 9, 2015

City Council president and mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther wants Columbus police officers to begin wearing body cameras by the end of next year. But some police leaders say the cameras are not a top priority.

Columbus democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Ginther says he wants to roll out police body cameras in 2016.

Protesters Mark Anniversary Of Beavercreek Walmart Shooting

Aug 6, 2015
Lewis Wallace, WYSO

A Beavercreek Walmart store was closed for several hours Wednesday evening during a protest to mark the first anniversary of police shooting and killing John Crawford III inside the store.

Some Still Skeptical About Increased Use Of Police Body Cameras

Aug 5, 2015

Body cameras have been back in the news following a recent police shooting in Cincinnati.