The Trump administration says it will no longer criminally prosecute companies that accidentally kill migratory birds. The decision reverses a rule made in the last weeks of the Obama administration.

A legal memo from the Department of the Interior posted Friday declares that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act applies only to purposeful actions that kill migratory birds, and not to energy companies and other businesses that kill birds incidentally.

Cleveland Metroparks

A record number of snowy owls are stopping in Northeast Ohio, all due to a biological phenomenon.

Gabe Rosenberg

Rebecca Jaramillo insists that every bird has its own, distinct personality. She would know—she spends almost every day around them, while they’re at their most vulnerable.

As recently as 10 years ago, humans were thought to be the only species with the ability to plan.

Recent studies on great apes showed the ability is not uniquely human. Now, scientists in Sweden have come to the surprising conclusion that ravens can also deliberately prepare for future events.

"It is conservative to conclude that ravens perform similarly to great apes and young children," the researchers write. However, monkeys have failed similar experiments.

Flocks of birds or schools of fish often group together in massive numbers, and move as though they are a single organism with one brain.

The behavior is called a murmuration, and scientists are trying to figure out how — and why — the animals do it.

The World of Baby Birds

Jun 20, 2016
Mike's Birds / Flickr

Artist, naturalist and author Julie Zickefoose has just released her new book, Baby Birds: An Artist Looks into the Nest, to help readers explore, observe and learn about the world of baby birds in an in-depth look.

The World of Baby Birds

Apr 18, 2016
Mike's Birds / Flickr

Artist, naturalist and author Julie Zickefoose has just released her new book, Baby Birds: An Artist Looks into the Nest, to help readers explore, observe and learn about the world of baby birds in an in-depth look. 

Exploring the Nature of the Midwest

Apr 13, 2016
Joshlaymon / Wikapedia

The spring season means birds will migrate up north and birding will become easier as the weather slowly starts to warms. Still, while spring is officially here, it doesn't exactly feel like it and the unusual weather has had an impact on birding and other wildlife patterns. 

image of a color portrait of Mozart wearing a bright red coat

During Mozart’s life, many a pet dog and even a pet bird wagged and flapped their way into the composer’s heart – and, it seems, into his music, as well.

Ohio History Connection

A bird species called the "passenger pigeon" that became extinct more than 100 years ago, is helping researchers learn how to save other animals. Biologist David Blockstein is a leader in Project Passenger Pigeon which aims to better understand how the bird's demise can advance science and conservation.