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Ohio House

Records show a powerful Ohio lawmaker was quietly cleared in a sexual harassment investigation conducted by his longtime former law firm, according to a report obtained by The Associated Press.

payday lending sign
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The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed long-awaited payday loan legislation meant to close loopholes those lenders use to charge high interest rates.

payday lending sign
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A bill to crack down on payday lending passed an Ohio House committee without any changes, a week after the House Speaker resigned and a vote on the bill was halted.

payday lending sign
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Ohio House Republicans balked at passing a bill to reform the payday lending industry just hours after Cliff Rosenberger, the top Republican leader, stepped down amid an FBI inquiry.

Ohio lawmakers Kathleen Clyde, Michele Lapore-Hagan, Teresa Fedor and Nickie Antonio call for the resignation of Bill Seitz.
Shane Walker

Four Democratic women in the Ohio Legislature are calling on Ohio House speaker to take action against a key Republican lawmaker for derogatory comments he recently made at a going away party for a former staffer.

Ohio House

Two Republican state lawmakers have issued apologies for disparaging remarks they made earlier this week at a roast for a departing employee earlier this week. But some lawmakers are demanding more than apologies – they want a change in the culture they say is prevalent in the general assembly.

Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati)
Ohio Senate

Two state representatives have formally apologized for derogatory comments they made at a going away party earlier this week – comments that had other lawmakers fuming and calling for an investigation.

Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force

Lawmakers in the Ohio General Assembly are landing on different sides of a debate over the criminal records of human trafficking victims. The question? What measures the state should take to conceal, and even wipe, out those records.

Ohio House Approves Bill That Would Legalize Fireworks

Oct 12, 2017
Fireworks packages in store
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For decades, customers at fireworks stores in Ohio have had to sign forms promising they will leave the state before setting them off. Now, the Ohio House has passed a bill that would loosen state regulations on fireworks sales.

Judge Todd McKenney (right) says board appointments should be considered a 'public trust' by probate judges.

This fall, the Ohio House will consider a measure that could quash public complaints about probate judges. The amendment was first included and removed from the budget. But weeks later, it appeared as a standalone bill.