All Sides Weekend

All Sides Weekend: Books

May 19, 2017

Join us today with guest host Christopher Purdy as he talks with a panel of guests about the latest in book news in the Columbus area.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

May 5, 2017
restaurant kitchen
Unsplash / Pexels

The restaurant scene in Columbus has been booming since the last All Sides Chefs in the City. While several notable restaurants have closed their doors, craft breweries have been popping up all around town and many new restaurants have plans to open up in the coming months.

Join us today for the latest on all things food in Columbus. 

All Sides Weekend: Books

Apr 21, 2017
open books
Abhi Sharma / Flickr

Join us today with guest host Christopher Purdy to discuss the latest in book news around Columbus with a panel of guests.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Jul 29, 2016
CCAC North Library / Flickr

Join Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, to go over all the latest books to read and what some current favorites are for our panel. 

All Sides Weekend: Arts

Jun 17, 2016

Join Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, to discuss the local arts scene in Columbus. 

All Sides Weekend: Books

May 27, 2016
CCAC North Library / Flickr

Join Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, to discuss what to read this summer and hear from author, Lee Martin, about his latest novel, Late One Night. 

All Sides Weekend: Craft Beer

May 13, 2016
Paul Joseph / Wikimedia Commons

Central Ohio is home to 25 craft breweries and boasts 150 bars dedicated to beer, making it fourth in the nation when it comes to producing craft beers. Join WOSU NPR News’ All Things Considered host, Marilyn Smith, to discuss the second annual Columbus Craft Beer Week. 

All Sides Weekend: The Ohioan Book Festival

Apr 22, 2016
Ginny / Flickr

This hour, join classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, to discuss the annual Ohioan Book Festival. Find out what authors will be featured and what books there are to read from local favorites. 

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Apr 1, 2016

Join WOSU NPR News’ All Things Considered host, Marilyn Smith, to learn more about local restaurants in and around Columbus, including Copious downtown. On one level, Copious serves as a restaurant while below Notes offers live music. 

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Feb 26, 2016
Bono Pizza

Join WOSU NPR News’ All Things Considered host, Marilyn Smith, to discuss local restaurants in the Columbus area, including where to find some of the city's best pizza. 

Columbus Dances

Feb 19, 2016
Kryzlz Bonny / Flickr

Join Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, this hour to talk about what there is to enjoy in the Columbus dance scene. 

All Sides Weekend: Art Programs

Dec 11, 2015
Momentum Studios

Join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy for a discussion about art programs for under served neighborhoods in Central Ohio. 

All Sides Weekend: The Harmony Project

Nov 13, 2015
Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a non-profit organization created to connect communities across social divides through art, education, and volunteerism. It provides opportunities for individuals of different cultures, religions, ages, affiliations, and orientations to work together to build a stronger community. Join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy for a discussion about the project and how it creates new communities across social and cultural divides.

All Sides Weekend: Choirs

Oct 30, 2015
Columbus Symphony

Join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy for a discussion about the choir scene in Central Ohio.

All Sides Weekend: Guilty Pleasure Reads

Aug 14, 2015
will ockenden / Flickr

At this late stage of the summer, it's nice to sit back with a good book on a hot afternoon.  It's also particularly nice if that book is a guilty pleasure. Join host Christopher Purdy, as he discusses which books are perfect for the season.

All Sides Weekend: Books, a discussion of Harper Lee

Jul 17, 2015

After over fifty years there finally is a new novel by Harper Lee.  Coming up on this hour we will discuss Harper Lee's novel Go Set A Watchman, with host Christopher Purdy.

Does it live up to the long awaited hype?

11 am

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has a new leader! Bulgarian-born maestro Rossen Milanov will take up the baton starting in January, and he joins us this hour to talk about what drew him to Columbus, his commitment to music education and his priorities for the symphony. Symphony members will weigh in on choosing Milanov to lead the CSO.


11:00 Though it's still plenty hot out,  fall is fast approaching, but not before some excellent music festivals wrap up the season. This hour we'll talk about the best late summer music festivals in the area, including Ohiolina, a celebration of the tunes of the I-77 corridor, and this year's East Franklinton Independents' Day celebration.

It’s that time again, time to head down to Goodale Park for a weekend of art, food and music at Columbus’ 42nd annual Comfest! During this hour, All Sides Weekend host Eric French talked to a documentarian about the festival’s long and colorful history. Plus we talked with some of Comfest’s featured musicians and a preview of this year’s must-see acts. ComFest History Comfest has been bringing local art, food and music to Columbus for more than 40 years. Recently, the festival’s popularity has risen, and so has its attendance and operating procedures.

All Sides Weekend: Summer Arts

Jun 13, 2014

11:00 The Columbus Arts Festival may be behind us, but the city's art scene is just heating up! We'll talk about what's hot in music, dance and visual arts, and find out why local singers have love, jealousy, betrayal and murder on the mind. To be? Not? The Actors' Theatre has tons of free Shakespeare, and we'll get the details this hour. Guests

11:00 Happy Record Store Day! Saturday marks the seventh annual celebration of vinyl by music geeks everywhere, and this year there's something to celebrate: sales of records were up 30% last year. This hour we'll talk about vinyl's comeback and the local record store's role in keeping the medium alive. Plus, we'll highlight a local artist with international appeal. Guests

11:00 Everybody likes a night on the town, but it can be hard to experience what central Ohio has to offer without breaking the bank. This hour we'll talk about how to see the latest shows and exhibits even if your wallet's feeling light. And we'll get a rundown of all the latest dance, arts, theater and music events to put on your must-see list. Guests

11:00 If you wanted to be rich and powerful, you might overlook a career in the arts, but some local organizations are working to prepare kids for successful jobs in creative fields. This hour we'll talk about the intersection of early arts education and real world application. We'll also hear from a local band helping make musical dreams a reality. Guest

All Sides Weekend: Music Videos

Feb 21, 2014

11:00 Music videos help musicians market their songs and add a visual component to an auditory experience. But not every band requires fancy MTV-style productions. This hour we're talking about the music video production scene here in Columbus. We'll discuss why bands are choosing to stay local, and the options the city has to offer.


The Arts and Social Change

Jan 16, 2014

11:00 Art doesn't just sit on a wall, or dance on a stage, or evaporate into the ether. It has the power to make enormous societal improvements. This hour's guests are an artist/homeless advocacy team who paired up to raise awareness and funding for a badly needed shelter. We'll talk about the partnership and the power of practical creativity. Guests

11:00 Everyone should have equal access to the arts, but few theaters and programs are designed with the specific needs of the audience in mind. This hour we'll talk about a local organization that works to promote the enrichment of art  for all abilities, across all mediums. Guests

All Sides Weekend: The Music of 2013

Dec 20, 2013

11:00 Music critics looking back at 1913 had a lot to talk about: the dawn of Modernism, a young upstart named Irving Berlin, and the riot Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Springâ€? incited in Paris. A century later, on this edition of All Sides Weekend, we’ll look back at the local music of  2013--what made a splash, what made us think, and what flew under the radar. Guests

All Sides Weekend: Arts Retrospective

Dec 13, 2013

11:00 They say hindsight is 20/20, so put on your specs and get ready to gaze into the rear view mirror.   This hour, Christopher Purdy and his panel take a look back at the best of 2013's dance, music, theater and visual arts in Columbus. They'll also discuss what it takes to keep the arts in business, and what trends to look for in 2014.   Guests

All Sides Weekend: Local Music

Sep 27, 2013

11:00 This hour some of Columbus' hottest musicians join host Eric french for a discussion of life on a recording label. Singer-songwriter Josh Krajcik and local band Saintseneca--whose sound is folky, country and a little punky--will talk about their music, the business side of things, and play a little something live in the studio. Guests

All Sides Weekend: The Local Music Scene

Aug 30, 2013

11:00 For a city of its size, Columbus has a pretty happening music scene. This hour, host Eric French and his musical panel will fill us in on what's new and what must be heard. Plus, we'll learn about all the intriguing venues that make the music experience complete. Whether you're into pop, folk, rock or Enka, there's something for everyone. Guests