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The Cultural Impact of Star Wars

Aug 17, 2018
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Star Wars has been a cultural force since the first trilogy began in 1977. Fans have been clamoring for more material and, in the long absences between films, they have created their own. 

The Columbus Museum of Art is displaying some of this art for the final weekend in an exhibit called "Force of Fandom".

Join guest host Clare Roth as she discusses how Star Wars has changed the world, impacted fans, and their creations.


Late Summer Gardening with Debra Knapke

Aug 17, 2018

We’re in the hot, humid days of late summer, and this weather could be impacting your garden. Rainfall levels were above-average for Central Ohio in June but have been below-average so far this month.

All Sides checks in with Ohio’s garden sage, Debra Knapke, for tips on how to sustain a healthy garden through July and August. 

We will also talk about which vegetables to begin planting as we head into fall. 


Autocracy and Chaos in Egypt

Aug 16, 2018
Ahmed Abd El-Fatah / Wikimedia Commons

The Arab Spring of 2011 in Egypt sent chilling images around the world. The people overthrew their autocratic leader, Hosni Mubarak. What resulted was chaos for the north African country. 

Two years later Egypt returned to authoritarian rule with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who has taken more severe measures against dissent than his predecessor. 

New York Times Cairo bureau chief David Kirkpatrick details these events in his book, “Into the Hands of the Soldiers.” The book is a journalist-eye view of the conflict, examining where rebels and pro-government forces went wrong. 

President Drake

Aug 16, 2018
The Ohio State Wexner Center

Multiple scandals are plaguing Ohio State University.  

There are active investigations into former OSU doctor Richard Strauss and head football coach Urban Meyer. 

In summer months, OSU administration has had to deal with these scandals and more. 

Today on All Sides, President Michael Drake joins to discuss the university and how it’s handling the upheaval. 


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Cancer patients have to think about all aspects, including nutrition. 

Nutrition therapy can be used by doctors and patients to help keep body tissues healthy as well as maintaining healthy body weight and strength.

On our weekly Wellness Wednesday show, we discuss the role nutrition plays in the battle against cancer and the recovery after remission. 


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Aug 15, 2018
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Extreme weather is sweeping across the country. The wildfires in California are the most recent examples. The state is in the middle of a record-breaking fire season with three-active blazes. 

Along with fires, we are seeing extreme climate in the form of hurricanes and increased temperature. These are symptoms of climate change. 

Today on All Sides, we discuss what extreme weather means for the midwest and the rest of the country. 


The Rise & Fall of ECOT

Aug 14, 2018
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The Ohio Supreme Court ruled last week that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow must show student login data to the state Department of Educattion. 

The ruling essentially decided that ECOT must repay some $80 million to state coffers because the enrollment numbers didn’t reflect actual student participation. 

Today on All Sides, we discuss the rise and fall of ECOT and its legacy. 


Summer Bugs with Mark Berman

Aug 13, 2018

Stepping outside on an Ohio summer day means running into bugs at every turn. Some are beautiful such as lightning bugs or butterflies while others can be pests.

Join us on All Sides as we discuss summer insects with Mark "The BugMan" Burman.


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The 12th congressional district special election remains  a toss up, with Republican Troy Balderson leading Democrat Danny O’Connor by more than 1,500 votes.  Our Weekly Reporter Roundtable talks about why a close race in a traditionally safe GOP stronghold matters. And, we get an update on the rollout of medical marijuana in Ohio.  


All Sides Weekend: Books

Aug 10, 2018
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Join guest host Christopher Purdy as he discusses The Great American Read Trivia Night at the Hilliard branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.