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The Yes Brain Approach to Child Discipline

10 hours ago
towbar / Pixabay

Time-outs and punishments are often seen as synonymous in the eyes of children and parents alike. Authors Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson have developed an alternative approach to discipline they have coined the "Yes Brain" approach.

Join us today as we discuss the benefits of utilizing the "Yes Brain" technique and how it can help children experience the world with greater curiosity and enthusiasm. 

The Future of ECOT

Jan 17, 2018
McPearson / Wikimedia Commons

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT, has lost its sponsor and could be set to close as early as this week, impacting nearly 12,000 students across the state.

Today, we discuss the uncertain future of Ohio's largest online charter school.

The Future of Federal CHIP Funding

Jan 16, 2018
Val Gempis, U.S. Air Force / Wikimedia Commons

Congress allowed funding for the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to lapse in 2017, leaving an estimated 220,000 Ohio children at risk of losing their health coverage as soon as January 19.

We'll discuss what is causing the unusual delay in appropriating funds for the program and how CHIP families may be impacted in 2018.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Jan 12, 2018
timetrax23 / Flickr

Join us today with guest host Christopher Purdy as we discuss the best reads of 2017 with a panel of guests.


How Thrifting Changed the Retail Industry

Jan 12, 2018

The landscape of retail continues to change, including the rise the thrift and resale shops. What’s more, they’re thriving as longtime retail titans continue to fall. Today we examine the business of thrift and resale shops and how they’re changing the retail industry.

Invasive Plants in Ohio

Jan 11, 2018
Liz West / Flickr

The state of Ohio has outlawed the selling and distribution of 38 invasive plant species in a bid to protect fragile native plant and animal populations.

Today, we discuss the environmental threat these plants pose and how the Ohio Invasive Plants Council plans to halt their spread.

Sexual Assault of People With Intellectual Disabilites

Jan 11, 2018
Senior Airman Claytin Lenhardt / UsAFE

People with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate seven times higher than people without disabilities.

Coming up, we'll hear from a reporter who has covered these assaults in a special NPR series called Abused and Betrayed, and how local advocacy groups are combating them. 


Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths among Ohioans 65 and older. Coming up, how a martial arts instructor in Columbus is taking the fear out of falling by teaching older adults how to do it safely.

Plus, we’ll look at the country's worsening obesity crisis and explore the top-ranked diets for 2018. 

Ohio's Voter Purge

Jan 10, 2018
Joebeone / Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today supporting and opposing Ohio's practice of purging inactive voters from the rolls. Coming up, we'll hear from both sides of the issue and consider the policy's legality and impact on voting in Ohio.

Changes in Federal Marijuana Enforcement

Jan 9, 2018
O'Dea / Wikimedia Commons

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidance that has generally allowed states to implement their own marijuana laws without federal interference.

Today, we discuss what this change in policy might mean for states such as California and Colorado with growing marijuana industries and potential impacts for the future of marijuana legality in Ohio.