ACLU of Ohio

Abortion protesters at the Ohio Statehouse.
Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Last week, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction against Ohio’s newest abortion law. It banned abortion at the point in which Down syndrome could be detected in fetal tests. Within hours, state officials were mounting a legal defense of the law.

Abortion protesters at the Ohio Statehouse.
Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

The ACLU of Ohio has filed a lawsuit over a newly-signed state law that bans abortion at the point a Down Syndrome diagnosis is made. This legal challenge might mean the law could be put on hold.

Jay LaPrete / Associated Press

Ohio officials and civil liberty advocates are in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for a U.S. Supreme Court case that could have implications for how several states update their voter rolls.

Sam Fryberger/The Earnest Tube / Facebook

A Cleveland recording engineer who wants to show support for human rights is putting together a retro fundraiser for the ACLU of Ohio.

Karen Kasler

One of the state’s leading civil liberties organizations is opposing Issue 1 – the victims’ rights constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law.

Richard Spencer / Twitter

Ohio State University has officially denied a request from white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus, while a lawyer for Spencer says University of Cincinnati will allow him to rent a space. 

Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Just a day before Jews celebrate one of their holiest days, Yom Kippur, an Ohio lawmaker is drawing attention to a resolution that condemns a protest movement on college campuses.

ACLU of Ohio

Ask Adrienne Gavula's former colleagues at the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio whom she cared about, and the answer is easy: Everyone.

Phasing Out Private Prisons

Aug 23, 2016
CDCR / Wikimedia Commons

Today at 10am

Since the 1980s, the Corrections Corporation of America has had its stake in the prison system, attempting to cut costs and make a profit. The Department of Justice has recently announced the end of renewing contracts with private prison, with the goal to completely phase them out of our penal system. The decisions does not directly change anything in Ohio as our state contains no federal prisons.