Front Row Center


Each week Christopher Purdy will draw together a program of exciting vocal favorites and unexpected discoveries, featuring both legendary singers of the past and today’s singers of note. You’ll hear opera excerpts, treasures from the song repertoire and highlights from recent releases — all with Christopher’s distinctive wit and passion.

Note: Because Front Row Center features music from historic, brand-new and personal collections, we're unable to provide a comprehensive playlist on our website. If you have questions about what you're hearing or would like to learn more about a show, please call us at 614-292-9678 or email

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black-and-white photo of soprano Birgit Nilsson in front of a mirror
Svenskt Pressfoto / Wikimedia Commons

Born May 17, 1918, Birgit Nilsson was an extraordinary Swedish soprano.

If you're looking for the best date-night cuddle soundtrack, if you need an outlet for your own joy, passion and despair — or if you just want to have a great time, join me Friday nights at 7 for Classical 101's Front Row Center.

It's a new program, hosted by yours truly, all about opera and more.