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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to over time touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Listeners participate via telephone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to add to the conversations. As always at WOSU, the coverage is fair and balanced with a civil tone.

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Birds and Severe Weather: How They Survive

Jun 4, 2018

April showers brought May showers instead of flowers. 

Humans have adapted ways to survive such conditions, but how do birds manage? Join us as we welcome back Julie Zickefoose to discuss how our fine feathered friends fare in fierce weather. 

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jun 4, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

The debate between Ohio House Republicans over who should be the chamber's speaker has been going on for several weeks. With a divided Republican party, House Democrats have an opportunity to influence the debate. 

Join us as we discuss the speakership, as well as the importance of the ECOT scandal in this year's elections, the Ohio Stand Your Ground Bill, the prospect of medical marijuana in Ohio, and more.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Jun 1, 2018
Graham Stanley / Wikimedia Commons

With temperatures rising, outdoor dining has come back into style. Join us today as we discuss the newest outdoor eating in Columbus as well as Rick Lopez's newest tapas restaurant Lupo, now open in Upper Arlington.

Opportunity Zones

Jun 1, 2018
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Several states, including Ohio, have proposed neighborhoods that will undergo revitalization under a new federal program. The program encourages companies to invest in lower income and impoverished areas, calling them opportunity zones.

Today, we take a look at what the opportunity zone plan is and how the program can benefit areas in need.

Can We Train Our Brains To Worry Less?

May 31, 2018
Tumisu / Pixabay

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But neuroscience has shown that our brains can change and grow new pathways. Author and science journalist Caroline Williams challenged her own way of thinking in a year-long bid to retrain her brain to become more focused and positive.

Join us today as we discuss her journey and what she learned about the human mind and brain plasticity.

How Guide Dogs Impact Their Owners

May 31, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Poet and author Stephen Kuusisto has been legally blind since birth. He was raised to act sighted growing up. And that worked fine until he was 38 and nearly killed walking in front of a moving car. He couldn't go it alone anymore. That's when he met Corky, the guide dog that changed his life. Today we talk with Kuusisto about his new memoir.

Tim Evanson / Wikimedia Commons

Transgender children wake up everyday in a body they are uncomfortable in. They spend their days acting as someone they do not feel they are. This translates into transgender children leading a double life in an attempt to make themselves and those around them happy.

Join us today as we discuss the everyday lives of transgender children, millenials and their views on marriage and the research on the impacts of marijuana on developing minds.

Nikola Tesla's Modern Influence

May 30, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Born in 1856 in what is now Croatia, Nikola Tesla would grow up to become one of the most influential inventors of the 19th and early 20th centuries. While he never reached the stardom that his biggest rival Thomas Edison did, his patents and ideas shape much of modern technology. In his new book, Richard Munson explores Tesla's eccentricities and personal life as well as his scientific achievements.

Join us today as we discuss Tesla's life and the impact his inventions had on the world.

Cultural Impact of The Twilight Zone

May 29, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Television critic Mark Dawidziak has watched many hours of television in his career with The Twilight Zone standing out among other programs. He has passed on lessons learned from the show to his daughter and has now published them in a book titled "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone A Fifth-Dimension Guide to Life".

Today, we explore the cultural impact of The Twilight Zone and how new revivals of the series can add to our knowledge. 

Gender Bias in Medicine

May 29, 2018

Pain is subjective. Without blood or a broken bone for proof, treatment often depends on how much a physician trusts a patient. Throughout history, physicians tend to mistrust women more than men when it comes to the question: how much does it hurt? That means that women are misdiagnosed, mistreated, or dismissed altogether. 

 Today we’re talking about gender bias in medical care.