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All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

18 hours ago
Nick Nguyen / Flickr

What's your take on the Columbus food scene? Is it lacking or has it evolved into a culinary destination? This hour, what's happening on the Columbus food horizon. 

The Impact of Overparenting

18 hours ago


Parents have an innate desire to protect and provide for their kids but so-called "helicopter parents" may actually be stunting their children from becoming self-sufficient adults.

Editorial Cartoons

Sep 3, 2015
Mike Peters / Google Images

Political cartoons have been a fundamental way of depicting American politics for as long as there has been political dispute. A look into art and politics and how editorial cartoonists bring humor and a point of view to their creations.

Destruction of Syria's Ancient Places

Sep 3, 2015
James Gordon / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most culturally significant pieces of architecture in the world, located in the city of Palmyra, Syria, has been destroyed by ISIS. Sites like it have been looted and destroyed across the Middle East. 

James Gathany / Wikipedia

A look at early stage breast cancer detection and its impact on survival rates. Then, a glance at child immunization laws for kids in daycare and how new policies are changing public health. Also, a look at cryotherapy as a form of rehabilitation and the effects it can have for your body. 

The History and Future of the IRS

Sep 2, 2015
Joshua Doubek / Wikipedia

Some GOP presidential hopefuls have suggested abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. Critics of our current tax policy may agree that reform is needed but few believe eliminating the IRS is a serious solution. We look back at the history of the IRS and the possibility of a tax system without it.

Tim Parkinson / Flickr


A look into the world of proper mobile phone manners: what to do and what not to do. Also, how state governments are responding to student data privacy concerns.

Charter School Evaluation and Oversight

Sep 1, 2015
KT King / Flickr

Ohio continues to be the target of sharp criticism of charter school failure after an official at the Department of Education altered test scores from poor-performing online school evaluations. These revelations unfold as backers and school leaders urge state lawmakers to come up with a better system.

Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement

Aug 31, 2015
WCPO Staff / Google Images

A new film, Cincinnati Goddamn, explores the police involved deaths of African-American males and a subsequent riot in 2001 that led to policing reforms known as the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement. 

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Aug 31, 2015
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

John Kasich is one of the most popular Republican candidates right now, especially among Ohio GOP voters. Rob Portman has started closing in on Ted Strickland in the US Senate race. ResponsibleOhio argues the ballot language for the marijuana legalization on Issue 3 is confusing and misleading. 

Real Estate Trends in Columbus

Aug 28, 2015

The Columbus housing market is hot. Over fourteen thousand single family houses and condos sold since January, and the average home sold for $206,000 — the highest for any month of any year on record. This hour, a look into the recent up-swing of real estate sales in Columbus, and what it means for buyers and sellers.

All Sides Weekend: Making the Arts Accessible for All

Aug 28, 2015
Columbus Chilren's Theatre
Jimison.5 / wikimedia commons

Join host Christopher Purdy for a discussion with local organizations about making the arts accessible for those with special needs. 

History of Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement

Aug 27, 2015
Penguin Random House /

The history of autism is wrought with controversy and questions about how it develops and how to treat it. The idea of autism as a disease is also being called into question by the neurodiversity movement, which advocates for the idea that autism's neurological differences are the result of natural human variation rather than a pathological disorder. 

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Aug 27, 2015
Hurricane Katrina
Win Henderson / Wikimedia Commons

It's been ten years since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Despite the passage of time, many from the Gulf Coast region have not fully recovered, especially in the New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood.


A third of your life is spent in sleep, or at least trying to fall asleep. But for 50 million Americans suffering from sleeping disorders, many are falling short on sleep and it’s disrupting their bodies and brain.

China's Stock Market Fall and Wall Street's Reaction

Aug 26, 2015
Stock Exchange
Rafael Matsunaga / Flickr

The fall of China's stock market has caused volatility in global markets. Most financial advisors stress caution when the market drops, but some fearful investors insist on selling their stocks.

Artificial Intelligence
geralt / Pixabay

Computers that can not only analyze our language but fully comprehend it, learn it, and act on it. A field of AI research called Deep Learning is evolving as we speak and hopes to make that fiction a reality.

New School Year and the National Teacher Shortage

Aug 25, 2015
Dan Good
State Impact / WOSU Public Media

For many students, a new school year starts tomorrow.  We talk with the Columbus City Schools superintendent about the districts budget, testing, charter schools and more. Plus, school districts across the country are reporting difficulty filling all their teacher positions. 

Choosing the Right Pet

Aug 24, 2015
What Pet Should I Get book cover
Random House Books for Young Readers

Dr. Seuss's newly unearthed children's book asks the question, “What pet should I get?” We look at the book and the larger question of matching pets with owners. We will hear from expert professionals about the important decision, how to go about making it, and what you need to know about choosing the right pet. 

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Aug 24, 2015
Ohio State House
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

John Kasich jokes about abolishing all teachers' lounges. ResponsibleOhio launches pot legalization campaign with tour of all 88 Ohio counties and gets ready to fight ballot language. Plus, the national political organization affiliated with Charles and David Koch , Americans for Prosperity, plans an advertising push against former governor and US Senate hopeful, Ted Strickland.  

All Sides Weekend: Cooking with the Summer Harvest

Aug 21, 2015
Patrick Kuhl / flickr

Whether you get your fresh veggies from the garden in your back yard, the farmers’ market or a farm share subscription, you still have to cook them.  We'll discuss what's in season and how to prepare it.

Wild Lawns: Natural or Nuisance?

Aug 21, 2015
long grass

Maintaining a pristine emerald green lawn can require fertilizers, herbicides, and countless hours yard work. For those looking for more eco-friendly alternatives, letting the yard grow wild could be an option. One central Ohio woman did just that but came up against those who saw  her lawn as a nuisance and potential home to vermin and noxious weeds.

College Athlete Unions and Scholarships

Aug 20, 2015
Big 10 football players faceoff
EyeTunes / Flickr

On Monday, the National Labor Relations Board declined to assert jurisdiction in the case of Northwestern University football players' attempt to form a union. Though they did not succeed, many believe their effort pushed through reforms in big time college sports including the 2015 decision by the NCAA to allow athletic scholarships to include the true cost of attendance. 

Political Dynasties in America

Aug 20, 2015
Jiuguang / Flickr

For the second time in 24 years, a Clinton and Bush battle for the White House may be likely. Coming up, from the Adams to the Kennedys to the Bushes, we'll look at the historical influence of political dynasties in America. 

Wellness Wednesday: Weight Gain After 50, Work Stress

Aug 19, 2015

By many accounts, Americans work too much. A recent study found that over half haven't taken a vacation in the last 12 months. However, job-related stress and the pressure to perform could potentially lead to a host of mental and health problems. 

Red Light Camera Corruption Allegations

Aug 19, 2015
red light camera
Derek Jensen / wikimedia commons

Red light cameras are often controversial but allegations of bribery and corruption have plagued Redflex, the contractor used in Columbus and other cities. This hour, a discussion of the scandal that unfolded in Chicago and the latest from the ongoing investigation in Columbus.

Tech Tues: Getting Girls into STEM, Back-to-School Tech

Aug 18, 2015
girl with robot

According to the US Department of Commerce, women fill about half of all jobs in the U.S. economy, but hold less than 25 percent of STEM jobs. 

Campaign Tactics For and Against Marijuana Legalization

Aug 18, 2015

Ohio voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana with a constitutional amendment. We discuss the political strategies of proponents and critics of the issue.

ADHD and Relationships

Aug 17, 2015
ADHD / Flickr

Marriage takes hard work, and even more work when one or both partners has ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In fact, those with ADHD are twice as likely to undergo a divorce.  However, there are coping strategies for both partners to help deal with the added stressors associated with ADHD.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Aug 17, 2015
Marc Nozell / Flickr

Legalization of marijuana is facing opposition from groups concerned about the risks to children and are wary of monopolization of the potential industry. In other news, the Kaisch campaign has gained traction due to the Governor's performance in the first GOP debate. Also, a peak into fracking banns, and the resignation of the longest serving democrat in the Ohio House.