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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to over time touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Listeners participate via telephone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to add to the conversations. As always at WOSU, the coverage is fair and balanced with a civil tone.

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All Sides Weekend: Books

Jul 13, 2018

Join guest host Christopher Purdy as we discuss the Columbus library's latest "Quick Picks" and more.

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On today's show we discuss the consequences of the enormous amount of plastic disgarded everyday, alternative options available for use, and a bill that is currently making its way through the Ohio Senate concerning the issue.


Jul 12, 2018
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Columbus City Council has approved an ordinance regulating “aggressive” panhandling. The new rules prohibit panhandling near ATMs, on freeway ramps and at intersections. Panhandlers are also banned from following or touching pedestrians. 

ICE Raids and the Impact on Ohio Communities

Jul 12, 2018
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, conducted two of its largest raids this year when it arrested more than 200 workers in northern Ohio last month. This is part of increased deportation efforts across the country. 

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Decades of research has shown that mother’s milk is healthiest for children, a familiar theme underscored in a recent World Health Organization resolution to encourage breastfeeding.

The First Amendment

Jul 11, 2018
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The First Amendment has played a key role in several U.S. Supreme Court decisions this year -- from organized labor fees to non-members who enjoy the fruits of collective bargaining to the question of whether a Colorado baker was obliged to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

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President Trump has nominated a 53-year-old Circuit court of Appeals judge in Washington D.C. to the U.S. Supreme Court. If confirmed by the Senate, the lifetime appointment of Brett Kavanaugh would solidify a conservative majority on the court for generations. 

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Congress isn’t the only government body looking into Facebook. Now a laundry list of federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice, are interested. 

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jul 9, 2018
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U.S. Representative Jim Jordan is facing accusations that he knew about alleged sexual assaults while working as Ohio State University’s assistant wrestling coach. The team’s former doctor, Richard Strauss, is accused of showering with and inappropriately touching players.

A Lesson with Grammar Girl

Jul 9, 2018

Last month, a list of new words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The list included nouns such as billywitch, scrum-down and lezzo. Today we discuss these new words and more from the world of grammar.