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Today at 11 a.m. 

Coming up, how the use of artificial intelligence could be applied to the Stock Market and what it could potentially accomplish. Also, why more than 11 million young people have left Facebook since 2011 and what other social platforms they are turning to instead. And this hour, the latest in tech news such as the advancements of Amazon's voice command system, Echo, and what iPhone users should know about fixing their devices when broken. 


Today at 10 a.m. 

Columnist and author, E.J Dionne, has written a new book entitled How the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism--from Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond on conservatism from the 1960's to today. Join us this hour, as we discuss what it means to be conservative and how the definition has evolved. 

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One hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the creation of the National Park Service. At the time, the service safeguarded thirty-five parks and monuments. Now, more than 400 areas are managed by the National Park Service, from Mount Rainier to Yosemite.  Join us this hour to discuss the history and legacy of our National Parks. 

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Feb 8, 2016
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

The Iowa Caucus had serious implications for both Republicans and Democrats moving forward. While John Kasich tied for seventh in Iowa, he is hopeful about his odds in New Hampshire. Coming up, the presidential election, the water crisis in Sebring and the continued medical marijuana debate. 

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Feb 5, 2016

The same creators of Northstar Café have now brought a Mediterranean- influenced restaurant, Brassica, to the Short North. Join WOSU NPR News All Things Considered host, Marilyn Smith, to find out more about Brassica and the current restaurant scene in Columbus.

Retirement Advice from Jane Bryant Quinn

Feb 5, 2016
Simon & Schuster

10 a.m. 

With the Dow dropping nearly four hundred points, 2016 has had the worst start to a year on record. Such news puts added stress on those already wondering how they are going to save enough for a comfortable retirement. This hour we will talk to veteran financial expert, Jane Bryant Quinn, who has written a new book detailing how to create  smart saving and investment habits for a secure retirement. 

The Future of the Light Rail in Central Ohio

Feb 4, 2016
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Mass transportation has come up as a hot topic of debate before, but some believe now it's time to revisit the issue. Coming up, the future of light rail in Central Ohio and the complexities that surround the issue. 

Understanding the Clean Power Plan's Impact in Ohio

Feb 4, 2016
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The Clean Power Plan has set new standards for states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Already, this plan has been scrutinized and questioned for legality by states and energy corporations across the country. Today, we are talking about what the clean power plan means for Ohio, our power plants, and our energy bills.

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The World Health Organization has called for an emergency meeting to address the alarming spread of the Zika Virus. This hour we will discuss the virus and its effects. Also, the science behind touch and how this powerful sense plays a large part in our physical and emotional wellbeing. And, understanding why migraines tend to affect women more than men. 

College Readiness

Feb 3, 2016
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The number of Ohio students needing remedial coursework decreased significantly from 37 to 32 percent in 2015, according to the Ohio Department of Higher Education. While this is an improvement, kids from poorer areas still tend to need remedial classes more often in college. Today we will discuss the successes of college readiness and the areas for improvement. 

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The number of people using their smartphones for payments has been on the rise, but questions remain over how safe this practice is. And, why major cyber attacks continue to take place and what is being done to stop them. Also on this hour, the latest in tech gadgets. 

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Join us this hour for a post-Iowa Caucus discussion where we will cover the outcomes, the surprises, the future implications of the results and more. 

The Psychology of Con Artists and Their Victims

Feb 1, 2016
Penguin Random House

People like to think they could spot a con artist, but these artists are often masters at disguising their true purposes. A successful con artist is an excellent deceiver who knows exactly how to read, and prey on, their victims. Coming up, learn more about the people who con and the people who get conned.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Feb 1, 2016
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Coming up, we will continue to follow the Presidential campaign of Governor John Kasich, as he tires to set himself apart in the crowded Republican field as the optimistic candidate. Also in the news, the race for the senate seat in Ohio and how the prospects for the candidates are currently looking. 

All Sides Weekend: Books

Jan 29, 2016
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This hour, join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy to hear about the latest quick pick books that are available at the Columbus Metropolitan Library and all the books our panel of experts are recommending. 

Voter Anxiety

Jan 29, 2016
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10 a.m. 

The shrinking middle class, terrorism, and immigration... All issues that are causing anxiety in the American electorate. A new poll finds the majority of Americans believe ISIS is a major threat. Plus, more studies confirm the middle class is not growing.  Coming up, what the fears of Americans mean for the Presidential Election.  

Winter Stargazing

Jan 28, 2016
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The clear winter sky provides an ideal backdrop for both amateur and professional stargazers. Coming up, discover what there is to see this time of year and learn more about the new evidence of a possible  "planet 9." 

Penguin Random House

The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case aligned spending in political campaigns with protected speech.  The decision meant that corporations and others could spend as much as they want on parallel campaigns with little oversight or transparency.  That worked for Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, who have used that power to spread their views and influence state and national elections.

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This hour, we will talk about adults living with unrecognized ADHD and discuss why it goes undetected, what the trends have been and how diagnoses are being made. Also, the controversy over new mammogram screenings and why the guidelines have changed. And why, for the first time, the U.S Preventative Services Task Force is recommending that women get screened for depression during and after pregnancy. 

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This hour we will discuss the water pollution that was exposed in Flint, Michigan and how the issue was able to go unnoticed, or possibly unmanaged, for so long. And the state of America's drinking water systems and how an issue like this might be prevented in the future. 

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Controlling your home's temperature from your phone and receiving cooking tips from your kitchen countertop are just two possibilities offered by so-called smart homes. This hour, we will discuss the gadgets that make homes smart and the future possibilities such technology creates.  Also, how Facebook wants to make the internet available to everyone for worldwide connectivity. But, some are skeptical if this plan is purely philanthropy or if there are ulterior motives at work. 

Marijuana and the Workplace

Jan 26, 2016
Medical marijuana neon sign
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The legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana create gray areas in the workplace. Many have questioned how, or if, employers should test employees for marijuana use in states where it is legal. This hour, we will discuss how marijuana is being dealt with in the job market currently and the impact legalizing marijuana has on employers and employees. 

Voter Anxiety This Election Cycle

Jan 25, 2016
Elvert Barnes / Flickr

The shrinking middle class, terrorism, and immigration... All issues that are causing anxiety in the American electorate. A new poll finds the majority of Americans believe ISIS is a major threat. Plus, more studies confirm the middle class is not growing.  Coming up, what the fears of Americans mean for the Presidential Election.  

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jan 25, 2016
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Kasich has been doing well with independents and is focusing his efforts in New Hampshire, hoping to come out of the primaries victorious. And in Ohio, medical marijuana is looked at as a 2016 ballot issue and a new bill proposes how to deal with abortion clinic fetal remains. 

Winter Arts

Jan 22, 2016

There is plenty to enjoy in the arts this season, from BalletMet's Carmen to the latest Broadway in Columbus musical, The Sound of Music. Also, how to enjoy sensory friendly performances. Join All Sides Weekend host, Christopher Purdy, to explore all the different winter arts Columbus has to offer. 

Tavis Smiley on the Issues Black America Faces Today

Jan 22, 2016
Smiley Books

10 a.m. 

Public media host, Tavis Smiley, joins us to discuss the updated #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Covenant with Black America. The new edition documents the progress, and lack thereof, that has occurred since the book's publication in 2006 . The Covenant with Black America-Ten Years Later, looks at life in America for an African America today, with new data and insights. 

Grammar Do's and Don'ts

Jan 21, 2016
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Calling all grammar gurus! Join us as we ponder the word of the year, if Jedi knights should capitalize “the Force,” and much more from the world of words and grammar.

Number of Teen Moms in Decline

Jan 21, 2016
Positive home pregnancy test.
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A new study found women are giving birth later in life. The biggest factor for the change was the decrease in mothers under the age of 20.  That number dropped a staggering 42% from 2000 to 2014. Many believe the opposite is true, possibly because of depictions of teen moms in the media.  We look at the myths and reality of teen pregnancy and childbearing this hour.


This hour, we will take a look at some of the health gadgets of 2016 and the new electronics many are using to stay in shape. Also, how advances in eye surgeries are helping those with cataracts and glaucoma and those needing LASIK. And, how music impacts exercise. 


Little was known about hepatitis C when it was first discovered in 1989, but since then strides have been made in the drugs that treat it--some with an over 90% cure rate. But these drugs can be pricey. This hour, we will discuss hepatitis C's history, effects and the future of treating the disease.