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Food Trucks in Columbus

Jul 22, 2016

Columbus has over three-hundred and fifty food trucks that serve as popular eating destinations for many. The stories behind some of the food trucks and their unique recipes have now been told in Renee Casteel Cook and Tiffany Harelik's new book, The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook.

Class in America

Jul 22, 2016
Walker Evans / Wikimedia Commons

The term "white trash" is often derogatorily used to describe poor whites and it has existed, in some form or another, from the beginning of the U.S's history. The class division it represents raises questions about the role that class and social mobility play in American society. 

Facing Death and Changing Funeral Practices

Jul 21, 2016
Joostik Pieter Joost Lemmens / Wikimedia Commons

Though death is a scary thought for some, it's inevitability makes many want to control how their final services and remains will be looked after. Today, funeral homes are responding to emerging desires to have more green friendly burials and even different funeral atmospheres to match different families. 

The GOP National Convention in Cleveland

Jul 21, 2016
Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

This hour, we'll discuss and analyze the Republican National Convention's effectiveness in bringing the party together, motivating voters, and making the party platform clear going forward into the 2016 presidential election. 

Maurizio Pesce / Flickr

Many forgo HIV testing because of the stigma attached to having the disease. Recently, Prince Harry was tested on Facebook Live, hoping to ease the stigma and bring attention to the need for testing. Also, some studies show virtual reality helps medical patient's pain levels decrease significantly. And, with temperatures rising, there is greater need for nutritious summer appropriate meal planning. 


Day two of the Republican Convention continues to raise critical questions about the future of the presidential race moving forward.

And, paid family leave is an issue getting both state and national attention this election year. The debate over the possibility of providing paid leave and its strengths, to both the family and workplace, continue to be contested. 


When a pet is lost, many owners post and look online to find their loved one. While doing so can help, the challenge remains that there are multiple places and groups to search where information could be posted. Also, Google and Mozilla are pushing websites to obtain more secure HTTPS connections, but the security is still being debated. And, Apple is releasing a new app to make learning to program easier. 


The Republican Convention is underway in Cleveland and Donald Trump supporters and protestors alike have been making their voices heard. 

And an audit is being demanded by state officials to take a closer look into the attendance records of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or, ECOT. Some believe students are not actually engaged in learning for the amount of time they are meant to be, adding to the controversy over the charter school's ability to properly teach its students. 

The Presidency of George W. Bush

Jul 18, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

From the Iraq War to his delayed response during Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush’s presidency was mired with poor decisions and hasty actions. However, he shined in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the developing world and in implementing No Child Left Behind. This hour, we'll look back on the 43rd president's decisions on foreign policy, education and economic development and how they continue to impact America today.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jul 18, 2016
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

The 2016 Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland, in which delegates will officially nominate the GOP presidential candidate amid three days of speeches. About 50,000 people — including 15,000 members of the media — have flocked to Ohio to take part in the event. But it's not all partying and celebration: protesters are also gathering to voice their concerns over a Trump candidacy. 

The Influence of War on Art and Artists

Jul 15, 2016
Indrian / Wikapedia

Throughout art history, war has influenced the artists of the time and their art. This was especially true during World War I, as the Columbus Museum of Art demonstrates in its latest exhibit, Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation and Change.

Tea Party Women: Who They Are and Why They Matter

Jul 15, 2016
Therealbs2002 / Wikapedia

From Sarah Palin to Governor Nikki Haley, the leaders at the forefront of the Tea Party have often been women. The Tea Party is known as a grassroots movement and that movement has appeared to benefit the women who have sought a role in it. 


Student debt is crippling more than 40 million Americans in more than $1.3 trillion in debt. But this debt has been a long time coming.

Paul Coleman on his Career in Addiction Treatment

Jul 14, 2016

After 25 years as the president and chief executive officer of Maryhaven, Central Ohio's oldest addiction treatment center, Paul Coleman has retired. He joins us to discuss his time at Maryhaven and the treatment center's plans for the future.


A new coalition of prominent doctors, scientists and health leaders is calling for more aggressive legislation to protect children and expectant mothers from neurotoxic chemicals. And, how the new game Pokemon Go may have some surprising health benefits. Also, "seaganism:" what it is, how to do it and the benefits surrounding this new health trend.

Ohio Picks the President

Jul 13, 2016

 Since 1896, Ohio voters have failed to favor the next president only twice. Because of this impeccable record, Ohio is often used as a predictor for presidential results and is considered to be an essential state to win in presidential elections. On this show we take a closer look at Ohio's record and why the state is essential to the 2016 election and beyond.  


NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 4th to explore the planet and learn more about its evolution. And, exploring whether the incorporation of technology makes you a bad parent. Also, the new Pokemon Go app has taken over: what it is, how to play and its impact on the gaming community thus far. 

The History of U.S. Political Conventions

Jul 12, 2016

The first national political convention was held in 1831 in Baltimore, Maryland for Henry Clay. His party, the National Republicans, consisted of 155 delegates from 18 states, and they chose him unanimously. With less than a week before the Republican National Convention, we take a look at past conventions and how they have changed throughout the years. 

The Dangerous Power of Implicit Racial Bias

Jul 11, 2016

Last week the death of five police officers in Dallas and two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota have sparked another conversation about race and policing. This hour we explore the dangerous power behind implicit and explicit racial bias.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jul 11, 2016

This hour, join us for our weekly reporter roundtable.

All Sides Weekend: Summer Recreation

Jul 8, 2016
mendesrocha / FLICKR

Join Classical 101 host, Christopher Purdy, to discuss local summer recreational activities for children with special needs.

Gardening with Deb Knapke

Jul 7, 2016

There's always work to be done in the garden and more to learn about how to take care of and beautify it. This hour Ohio's Garden Sage, Debra Knapke, talks about the best plants to grow this time of year and how to best maintain them. 

The Ups and Downs of the 2016 'Veepstakes'

Jul 7, 2016

The presidential race is heating up as rumors increase surrounding potential Vice President nominees. Some believe a more politically correct candidate could help balance Donald Trump's ticket, while a candidate who appeals to young voters could help Hillary Clinton. Explore the Veepstakes this hour on All Sides.


Non- human cells called "microbiome"  have long been thought of as bad things we need to get rid of, but scientists are now realizing that microbes actually keep us healthy when balanced. Also, dry needling is a new method being used to cure knee pain. And, how seniors can easily transition from driving to alternative transportation methods. 


Last week the Columbus Division of Water announced that rains and showers have driven contaminants into the Scioto River, raising nitrate levels in the water-drinking supply, making it unsafe for pregnant women and infants to drink tap water in some areas of northwest Columbus. From the Flint water crisis to nitrate warnings in northwest Columbus: exploring water quality.

*The nitrate warning has officially been lifted.


Facebook is changing how it prioritizes what you see on you news feed now, with more posts by people you know appearing. Also, a new study shows why internet access doesn't necessarily mean more democracy around the world. And, how virtual reality experiences are evolving to look more realistic. 

America's Political History

Jul 5, 2016
Howard Chandler Christy / Wikapedia

America's political history of partisanship goes back to the beginning of the nation's history. How and why it developed have had interesting ramifications on the political system we know today. 

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Jul 1, 2016
Figlio Wood-Fired Pizza / Figlio Wood-Fired Pizza

Join WOSU NPR News’ All Things Considered host, Marilyn Smith, to discuss Figlio's Wood Fired Pizza and all the great pizza there is to enjoy in the Columbus area. 

The History and Use of Assault Weapons

Jul 1, 2016
Stag1500 / Wikimedia Commons

Semiautomatic assault-style rifles have been used in several mass shootings, including the recent mass shooting that took place in Orlando and killed 49 people. They also remain a popular firearm for many gun enthusiasts. This hour we'll discuss the history of these weapons and their regulations. 

Summer Stargazing

Jun 30, 2016

The warm summer nights make ideal stargazing conditions to explore the wonders of the galaxy. This hour, we'll discuss what there is to see in the night sky this time of year and recent astronomical news.