Wellness Wednesday: Lyme Disease, Nursery Product Safety

Mar 15, 2017

This year, researchers are predicting the number of tick-borne Lyme disease cases to be higher than normal, and it's on the rise in Ohio. Climate change is part of the problem. We'll hear from a disease ecologist who studies ticks and mosquitoes, and how climate change could be affecting their footprint. Plus, a new study shows an uptick in injuries from baby strollers, cribs and carriers. We'll discuss what parents can do to avoid mishaps.



  • Dr. Renata Micha, registered clinical dietician, public health nutritionist and epidemiologist at Tufts University
  • Richard Ostfeld, disease ecologist at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • Tracy Mehan, manager of translational research, Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital