Restaurant Reopens Four Days After Machete Attack

Feb 15, 2016

Four days after a man wielding a machete attacked people inside Nazareth Restaurant and Deli, the owner re-opened to thank the community for its support. 

Nazareth Restaurant owner Hany Baransi welcomed a large crowd for lunch. Baransi said the community’s support has been, in his words, “outrageous.”

“We want to show them that we are grateful for their love, and it’s turning into [something] phenomenal," Baransi said. 

Jerry Blinn, of Delaware, was a first-time customer.

“It was a sad thing that that happened. And the world just needs to straighten up a little bit," Blinn said. “I wanted to support the community, the owners, the people who work here, the staff, and the victims, of course.”

Jeff Temple, a long-time customer and friend of Baransi, drove an hour from Fredericktown to help serve food to customers.

“[I] started at the restaurant eating there 20 years ago, I suppose and have helped him remodel two of his restaurants. All three of my children have worked for him," Temple said. "We enjoy him. He’s a heck of a good guy, good businessman. I heard he had problems. We were going to be down here.”

Authorities say Mohamed Barry, 30, injured four people with a machete at the North Hamilton Road restaurant, last Thursday. Police fatally shot Barry.    

The store is only open through Tuesday this week with a limited menu. Baransi said the restaurant will permanently reopen when the staff are ready. 

“I have a couple people that they’re still traumatized. They’re having hard times getting out. And we’re all praying for each other," he said. 

“We’re going to need to put our heads and even if somebody knocks us again, we’re going to get up again. We’re going to get up again and they’re not going to keep us down, thank God. I’m very blessed. I’m very touched," Baransi said, referring to lyrics from a song. 

The FBI continues to investigate possible motives for the attack.