Replay: FAQs About Classical 101's Instrument Drive

Jul 28, 2017

If a musical instrument gathers dust in an attic and no one plays it, is it still musical?

Classical 101 is collecting musical instruments for kids in Columbus school music programs. Music not only enriches lives, research also shows that children who study music perform better academically.

Musical instruments were meant to be played, so if you have one sitting around unused, help us get it into the hands of an aspiring young musician.

If your child has moved beyond his ¾ size violin, or your old band trumpet has been consigned to the basement, let that instrument sing again!

You can donate a new or used instrument – even strings, mouthpieces and reeds are needed – to help a young musician who might not otherwise have access to a quality instrument.

Drop off instruments at WOSU’s offices in the Fawcett Center the week of July 31-August 4 to get kids ready for a new school year.


How do I donate?
Our five day collection takes place Monday, July 31 – Friday, August 4, 2017. We are collecting new and gently used instruments at WOSU Public Media’s offices weekdays from 9am – 4pm:

WOSU Public Media
2400 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Why are you doing an Instrument Drive?
WOSU Public Media and Classical 101 recognize the impact that music can have in a child’s life. Children who participate in music programs in school perform better academically and socially. Teachers need instruments like any other school supply and it’s usually harder to find a tuba than a pen.

I donated an instrument. Where will it end up?
Instruments will be delivered to Columbus City Schools where they will be refreshed and then distributed to students to use in music programs for the 2017/2018 school year.

Are there any instruments you cannot take?
We will make sure every instrument finds a home. At this time, we cannot accept pianos, timpani or other large instruments that are not portable by hand. Please contact us at if you have a non-portable instrument and we will try to connect you directly with an organization that may be able to use it. For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept harmonicas and recorders.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. WOSU Public Media is a nonprofit organization. This form can be printed and filled out in advance of dropping off your instrument. Please provide some form of estimation of value of the instrument for your tax purposes.

How were Columbus City Schools selected?
Columbus City Schools were chosen as the benefactor in this launch year of the Classical 101 Instrument Drive since the system has the largest reach and a centralized location for accepting donated instruments.

I am not able to donate an instrument. Are there other ways in which I can support the Instrument Drive?
Yes! You can always make a monetary donation to support Classical 101 and all of the work that we do to provide 24/7 classical music programming to central Ohio.

You can also help us spread the word. Please share information on Replay!, the Classical 101 Instrument Drive with your friends, family and co-workers. Download this flyer, print it out, and share it at your local church, coffee shop, library or recreation center. Use #Replay101 on all of your social media platforms!

Still have questions? Please call 614.292.9678 or send an email to