Political Communication in the Trump White House

Aug 3, 2017

The White House political communication department seems to be in chaos. First, Sean Spicer resigned as press secretary after Anthony Scaramucci was hired as communications director. Then John Kelly was hired as chief of staff and fired Scaramucci just 10 days after the communications director started. This firing calls into question whether or not Spicer will still resign since the reason he cited for leaving was Scaramucci.

Today we are talking about White House political communication, strategy and messaging in the Trump administration.


  • Martha Joynt Kumar, director, White House Transition Project, retired professor, political science at Towson University
  • Stephen Krupin, senior vice president and director of executive communications, SKDKnickerbocker, former senior speech writer to President Barack Obama  
  • Clark S. Judge, founder and managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc., former speech writer in the Reagan White House