Over 100 Cars Vandalized In Clintonville And German Village

Jul 11, 2018

In the past few days, over 100 cars were found vandalized in the Clintonville and German Village areas, according to Columbus Police.

The cars were either spray painted or keyed, said police spokesperson Denise Alex-Bouzounis, and the perpetrator is believed to have committed the vandalisms while driving down the street.

"We are continuing to receive more reports from people in Clintonville and German Village," Alex-Bouzounis said.

She says while police currently do not have any information on a suspect, they want residents whose cars were vandalized to file a police report, and anyone with pictures or video of what happened to send that along as well. That way, Columbus Police can build a case against the perpetrator.

"Whenever a vandal strikes, they usually don't hit the same place twice, so we never know where they're going to go next, or if they're going to stop, or what's going to happen," Alex-Bouzounis said. "Is it kids, or is it adults? We don't know."