Ohio State tuition increases affect undergraduates

Sep 2, 2003

Ohio State students will return this fall with bigger bills to pay due to the 9 percent tuition increase put into place this summer. WOSU's Anne Allred caught up with summer quarter graduates to find out how higher tuition is straining students. The cost of an Ohio State degree has been rising for over half a decade. Before this summer's 9 percent increase, tuition costs have risen almost 69 percent in the last five years. Matthew Carroll, an out of state student, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism on Friday. The increases have left the new graduate with a debt of over 100,000 dollars. The 68.8 percent increase in the last five years has raised tuition for an in-state student by $4,400 dollars a year. Students are finding different ways to compensate. President Holbrook says that an Ohio State education is obtainable for all Ohioans, through regional campuses and community colleges. According to President Holbrook, rising tuition trends have not effected enrollment. 22,000 applications were received by the university for the upcoming academic year.