Ohio Constitution

Dec 4, 2018

Following the vote on Issue One in the most recent midterms, state politicians are looking to change how residents can amend the constitution.

House Joint Resolution 19 aims to make passage of measures like November’s Issue 1, the legalization of recreational marijuana, and others more difficult, increasing the voter approval to 60 percent.

While all of this is happening, an exhibit of the original state constitution is on display at the Ohio Statehouse.

Today on All Sides, changes to the Ohio Constitution and its history.


  • Sarah LaTourette, Ohio Representative, primary on HJR 19
  • Mia Lewis, Ohio Common Cause
  • Don McTigue, lawyer at McTigue and Colombo, works on ballot initiative
  • Charles Moses, Capital Square Foundation
  • Megan Wood, Director of Museum and Library Services for Ohio History Connection