Marker Honoring Confederate General Removed From Worthington Home

Aug 19, 2017

Worthington officials says an historic marker outside the former home of a Confederate general was removed in anticipation of protests.

The marker commemorated General Roswell Ripley, who was born and raised in Worthington.

The house is owned privately and is not open to the public. The marker was removed sometime Friday.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Robyn Stewart, Worthington's assistant city manager, said the decision was made by the house's owner following a recommendation from city officials.

Stewart said in a statement that the city wants to discuss how best to represent Worthington's ties to the Civil War.

Those ties include a history of underground railroad stations, Union soldiers who fought in the Battle of Shiloh, and being Ripley's birthplace.

Ripley's connection to a slave named Robert Smalls combined to turn the war in the Union’s favor. Watch the story from WOSU TV's Columbus Neighborhoods