Man Dies After Being Shot By Columbus Police In Franklinton

Jul 10, 2017

A 30-year old man shot by Columbus Police officers last Friday in Franklinton died Monday morning from his injuries. But the case is raising some questions.

Columbus Police officials report two officers patrolling in the Franklinton area shot Kareem Ali Nadir Jones last Friday afternoon because Jones acted erratically as he walked between cars.

The sister of Jones's girlfriend, who lives on Schultz Avenue, told police that several kids were throwing rocks at her car and Jones volunteered to look for them. As Jones walked the neighborhood, officers patrolling the area in a cruiser got out to speak to him.  

After a brief conversation, the officers say they felt threatened and asked the man repeatedly to get on the ground. Police report witnesses say Jones did not comply. That’s when officers fired shots.  

Police say they recovered a gun from the scene.  

Officials say body cameras recorded the incident and could be released within a few days.