Ikea Opening Draws Thousands Of Visitors And Lots Of Traffic

Jun 5, 2017

On Monday customers will begin lining up outside the Central Ohio IKEA location for a chance to win door prizes, but opening isn't until Wednesday when thousands are expected visit.

All this hype means serious traffic for local commuters. Columbus police have been planning for what could be a chaotic couple of days.

Based on the turnout at past store openings, Lt. Paul Weiner with the Traffic Unit, says there could be tens of thousands of visitors. That's why he's developed a plan to keep traffic flowing.

For the first five days of the stores opening, and on the following weekend, there will be dozens of officers posted in the immediate area to help direct traffic and monitor crime levels.

"We're kind of prepared for worst case scenario and we'll see what kind of hand we're dealt when we get there," says Lt. Weiner.

Lt. Wiener says total cost for the additional police presence hasn't been calculated, but Ikea has agreed to pay a little less then half, leaving the remaining bill for tax payers.