Growers Say Tight Timeline Could Delay Ohio's First Medical Marijuana Crop

Aug 11, 2017

Officials in Ohio say they don't expect to issue the state's first medical marijuana cultivator licenses until around November, at least a month later than growers expected.

The Ohio Department of Commerce announced the timetable Thursday.

It drew immediate concern from the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio. The association had anticipated growers having about a year before the September 2018 deadline to ramp up their operations and produce their first crop.

Association President Thomas Rosenberger said it will be difficult for growers to get the necessary local zoning approvals on such a tight time frame.

The state received 185 applications in June for 24 cultivator licenses. Justin Hunt, of the Ohio Department of Commerce, says they never estimated a date for scoring submissions and awarding licenses, and winners may know sooner.

“You know the department never said on this date in September or August," Hunt says. "So we have the resources that we need, depending on the number of applications that came in, there were 185 of them so we are moving as quickly as possible.”