Get Crazy and Meet a Theorbo: Wayward Sisters on Classical 101

Oct 23, 2015

Things got a little crazy this morning on Classical 101.

The award-winning early music ensemble Wayward Sisters and critically acclaimed soprano Kathryn Mueller joined me this morning on Classical 101 to give us a preview of their concert Frenzy and Fire: Music Gone Mad, Sunday, Oct. 25 at 3:30 p.m. in Capital University's Mees Hall Auditorium.

The concert, presented by Early Music in Columbus, will feature a potpourri of mad songs and instrumental selections conveying madness and emotional instability.

In case you missed it this morning, here are Wayward Sisters taking about their upcoming project to record music by dissolute composers and performing one of the most famous "mad" pieces of the baroque era, Antonio Vivaldi's La Folia:

We also met an instrument that's a little crazy - the theorbo. It's like a lute, but just like the unhinged heroes and heroines of Wayward Sisters' repertoire, the theorbo is larger than life. Wayward Sisters theorbist John Lenti introduces his instrument:

Wayward Sisters theorbist John Lenti in the Classical 101 studio.
Credit Jennifer Hambrick

Wayward Sisters perform Frenzy and Fire: Music Gone Mad, Sunday, Oct. 25 at 3:30 p.m. in Capital University's Mees Hall Auditorium, presented by Early Music in Columbus.