Do Ohio High Schools Need To Take A Closer Look At "Pay-to-Play"Model?

Feb 26, 2016

It can costs kids and parents several hundred dollars to play a single sport in high school. Could there be big changes to the "pay-to-play" system in Ohio?

Steve and Thomas talk to Ohio State Senator Cliff Hite (R-District 1) about the "pay-to-play" system across the state of Ohio. Should the cost to play extracurricular activities be passed on to the taxpayer or the participant? How much should it cost? Hites says any possible solution starts with increasing transparency.

Also on the show, the guys talk with Adam Jardy of theĀ Columbus Dispatch about the Ohio State basketball team. It seems like a bid into the NCAA tournament in March is all but out of reach, so what's next for this young team?

And finally, after nearly a year away from most television sets, the Columbus Crew have struck a deal to make their games available on over-the-air TV. Steve talks with Pat Murphy from Massive Report.