Democratic Senator Introduces Bill To Allow Legal Action Against School Bullying

Oct 3, 2017

A state senator says at some point enough is enough when it comes to bullying in schools. She’s introducing a bill that would make it possible to file charges against a bully after several warnings.


Democratic Sen. Sandra Williams of Cleveland believes it’s time to seriously address bullying by defining it in state law and allowing legal action if it goes too far.

She says her bill, SB 197, gives a bully several chances to clean up their behavior such as warnings, peer mediation and counseling.

“If you go through all of those steps and you still find the need to go to school and bully another student then maybe we should be looking at pressing charges," Williams says.

Williams says the law already addresses physical assault. That’s why her bill only addresses bullying as the threat of physical or emotional harm.

The bill will get its first hearing in the Senate this week.