Cordray Takes Aim At GOP Amid FBI Raid And Stalled Speaker Race

May 23, 2018

Democratic candidate for governor Richard Cordray was quick to seize on the troubles of Ohio Republicans on Wednesday. Ohio's House can’t cobble together the votes for a new leader, while the former Speaker’s home was just raided by the FBI.

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers cancelled a House session for the fourth time as the party spars over who will assume the mantle of House Speaker. The last Speaker, Cliff Rosenberger, resigned amid an FBI inquiry into his international travel and dealings with lobbyists.

And that inquiry just ramped up a notch, as the FBI conducted a search of Rosenberger's house and storage unit Wednesday morning.

Cordray blames the in-fighting and shady dealings that led to the vacancy in the first place on years of GOP control.

“It’s clear that our Legislature has gone completely off the rails under one-party rule," Cordray says. "Running state government for those at the top, who hire lobbyists and bankroll Republican campaigns, has resulted in the dysfunction and corruption that has paralyzed state government and is hurting Ohio families.”

The House has canceled meetings on Thursday as well.

Cordray is up against Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in the November election.