Akron Warns Residents Of Disease Killing Oak Trees

Aug 24, 2017

Akron officials are warning residents to look out for a fungal disease killing oak trees in the city’s north and west sides.

Oak wilt can kill red and white oak trees within days or weeks by cutting off supplies of water and nutrients. The disease is transmitted by insects through open wounds or broken limbs.

City arborist John Malish says residents can take some precautions.

“It can also be transmitted by unsanitary conditions, such as when (residents) go to do pruning cuts, they don’t sanitize the saw blades; a 10 percent bleach solution will kill pretty much any bacteria or fungi,” Malish said.

He recommends homeowners wait until October to prune oak trees to prevent the spread of the disease. Currently, the city is banning the pruning of street oak trees.