Columbus Police

Columbus Officer Returns To Patrol After Threatening To Choke Suspect

After Columbus Police officer Joseph Bogard was temporarily relieved of duty for inappropriate comments, his punishment was a written reprimand by the Chief of Police. Now, Bogard has returned to work.

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44 Pages And 71 Years Of Highlights Magazine

Aug 29, 2017

More than 70 years ago, the most popular children's magazine in the world was born: Highlights. A new documentary explores how the edu-tainment company has grown. Plus we’ll take a look at how childhood learning has evolved from paper to digital.


  • Kent Johnson, CEO, Highlights for Children
  • Theodore Chao, assistant professor of mathematics education, The Ohio State University
  • Jennifer Young, Collection Development Selector, Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • Annie Ruefle, the School Librarian at the Columbus School for Girls and author of “Creating a Culture of Literacy: Programming Ideas for School Librarians"