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Paige Pfleger is a reporter and audio producer from Detroit, Michigan. Before joining the staff of WOSU, Paige worked in the newsrooms of NPR, Vox, Michigan Radio, WHYY and The Tennessean.

She spent three years in Philadelphia covering health, science, and gender, and her work has appeared nationally in The Washington Post, Marketplace, Atlas Obscura and more. As a freelancer, Paige traveled to Puerto Rico to cover how the island’s agricultural community dealt with damage from Hurricane Maria.

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A first-of-its kind study found young adults transitioning out of foster care in Ohio are more likely to face difficulties than their peers across the nation.

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Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro will be at Ohio State University Tuesday speaking to students.

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Rutherford B. Hayes High School in Delaware closed Thursday and a student is in policy custody following a threat.

A protestor hods a sign that reads "We won't be erased" at a rally in Goodale Park on Wednesday.
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A few hundred protestors gathered at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday to rally against the Trump administration's proposal to eliminate legal protections for transgender people.

Health care was a big campaign issue across the Midwest, and Tuesday's election results were mixed. Among the winners: medical marijuana.

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Less than a week before the midterm elections, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ohio) visited The Ohio State University on Thursday to encourage students to vote for Democrats Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton.

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The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown on Tuesday released the names of clergy members accused of sexual abuse.

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Milkshakes in hand, former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray encouraged students at Ohio State to vote in next week’s election.


A new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that a certain type of smoke alarm is more effective at waking children during an emergency.

At a Conesville coal plant, scrubbers work to prevent air pollution.
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Earlier this month, an Ohio mining company filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 in bankruptcy court. The move concerns some environmentalists.

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Earlier this month, Columbus City Council approved an ordinance allowing the city to buy a 57-acre plot of land known as the "sheep farm" from The Ohio State University. The city planned to sell parcels to Dublin City Schools and Upper Arlington.

Ohio’s first transgender and gender non-conforming health and community center is a cross between a funky '80s apartment and a modern doctor’s office.

There are a few couches gathered around a TV, a kitchen, a small stage and a few exam rooms. Mikayla Robinson, the center's engagement specialist, wears a "Miss Gay Ohio" sash, which matches the brightly colored walls.

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Franklin County’s juvenile court is holding a public event Thursday at 2 p.m. to talk about the effectiveness of a program aimed at helping youth with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Sign outside the former Hocking Correctional Facility
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Hocking Correctional Facility is at the top of a steep hill, surrounded by tall pine trees and the sloping mountains of Appalachia

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Mozaic, Ohio’s first standalone transgender and gender non-conforming health and community center, officially opens its doors Friday.